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“Livin’ it Up” Challenge: We Need Your Help!

We need help, yes we do! You may (or may not) have caught our first post on a special edition of Standard Bank’s “Livin’ it Up” challenge that pits Onelargeprawn against seven evil bloggers to win a covetable iPad. Livin’ it Up is an isometric life-simulation game where the player is given a wallet full of cash and an empty patch of land. By purchasing a house, a motor vehicle, and a host of garden ornaments, the player is awarded with points. With each purchase that is made, more points are awarded to the player. That is what we’re in dire need of and we’re hoping you, dear reader will be able to help us.

Our property is coming along quite nicely since the last week. It finally had some grass cover on it, and our prize pair of attack geese (Fish and Chips) are having a wonderful time pecking at passers-by. We’d obviously love to add more stuff to the property but we’re running low on funds. We need your assistance to top-up our bank balance, and it won’t cost you more than a few minutes of your time. If you’d like to help, leave a comment below or pop a mail to and we’ll send you an invite to the “Livin’ it Up” game. When you successfully register for the game, we will earn a handy $1,000 in virtual money to spend. Our points tally will go up, and not only does it make us happy, it puts a smile on other faces too.

Big thanks go out to the people who have have signed up thus far, and thank you for reading this (and hopefully signing up as well).