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Glorious Starry Night Time-Lapse

Thanks to the light pollution, we city folk rarely get to see such beautiful scenes as Randy Halverson does. The photographer who runs on a farm in South Dakota, spent the month of May capturing the sky he sees every night.

Summer is reportedly the best time for North American residents to view the Milky Way, but Halverson had to fight off the cold weather and strong Dakota winds to snap the starry views and his favourite shot – the Milky Way rising up from behind the old home where his father grew up. He compiled hundreds of the best photos into a glorious 3-minute video, where one second of footage is about 14 minutes in real time. The musical accompaniment is wonderful too, experience Halverson’s Plains Milky Way below.

See more of Halverson’s photography on his website, Dakotalapse.

[via Mail Online]

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