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“Livin’ it Up” Challenge: On the Home Straight

If you were paying any attention (I have my doubts considering these harsh economic times), you’ll know that earlier on we suffered a little catastrophe in the special blogger version of the Livin’ it Up game. We rebuilt the property only to be visited by the seedier side of E.T.’s family. They made off with a half-pipe and a couple of flamingos. Weirdos.

The Livin’ it Up bloggers challenge pits Onelargeprawn against seven evil bloggers to win a covetable iPad. We’re currently in first place on the leaderboard, however, we’re trading blows for top spot with Justin Hartman, who you may know as the CEO of blog aggregator, Afrigator. If you’d like to help the under-dogprawn to win over the highly-paid suit, then you’ve come to the right place. We get a virtual $1000 for each person that we get to sign up for the game. Simply leave a comment below and we’ll invite you to the game. After you’ve registered for it, we’ll get the kickback. And don’t worry, you don’t have to play the game, unless you want to.

A big thanks to everyone who has chipped in this far. You’re the wind in our sails, the jam in our doughnuts, we love you guys and girls. This especially long blogger version of the Livin’ it Up challenge is nearing its end (July 24th) and fingers crossed Onelargeprawn will come out of it the victor. Huzzah!

7 replies on ““Livin’ it Up” Challenge: On the Home Straight”

I so don’t understand but you know I’m always in your corner virtual or otherwise – sign me up – tell me what to do I’m there. Also note for future requests if you place them next to cool pictures of the pups you have more of a chance of getting my attention :-)

Thanks Pantsula. There is a little less than a week to go and I’m doing pretty well.

If I do win, I think I may give it to the missus as an early birthday present. She talked about one some months back but the finances don’t allow it I’m afraid.

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