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Kaley Cuoco PSA For “Slave Leia Fatigue”

With roles as the wise-cracking space captain Mal Reynolds and novelist-turned-detective Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion is a hero to geeks and nerds the world over. Recently he used his considerable fame to highlight the some the important issues faced by masses of gamers. In the first PSA created by Break Originals and The Nerd Machine, Fillion provides pro tips on dealing with the uncomfortable and frustrating affliction known as swamp ass. If you missed it, click here to see.

Now it seems Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory, is also speaking out. She touches on a worn out syndrome that affects cosplay girls across the globe. While the gentleman may have no problems with it, slave leia fatigue is a very real concern. Cuoco offers some tips in this, the second PSA from The Nerd Machine.

[via Nick de Bruyne on Google+]

4 replies on “Kaley Cuoco PSA For “Slave Leia Fatigue””

Seems like Big Bang Theory really boosted Kaley’s career. I personally don’t rate her, her acting is not so great, I’ve seen some of her movies.

I also don’t understand why everyone thinks she is so damned hot. I don’t think she is that hot. A comfortable 7.

I’m not such a fan of Big Bang Theory either.

I see The Nerd Machine released their third PSA featuring Zachary Levi from Chuck. It’s a zombie PSA and I think it’s a little flat. Fillion’s “Swamp Ass” was the funniest, I think.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Big Bang Theory but not all the time. Some of the episodes are really funny but others are really not funny. Apparently someone did a youtube clip of an episode but removed the laughter track and the whole thing fell flat.

I am just not fan of Kaley.

Funny you mention Zachary Levi, I really don’t like the guy. I think Chuck would be great if someone else had been cast instead of him. He irritates the living crap out of me, I just want to punch his lights out when I see that silly grin of his.

Yes, Fillion’s Swamp Ass is really funny. Fillion seems to have quite a following in “nerd” and gaming circles. Everyone wants him to be Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie if it ever gets made. Can’t believe they were going to use Mark Wahlberg after he was so shit in Max Payne.

I don’t like Chuck. And it seems its audience numbers are dropping with every season.

The Uncharted movie shall get made, I’m sure of it. It has a new director now, Neil Burger of Limitless fame. And he is starting from scratch and not taking over from the work that David O. Russell had done. In a recent interview he did with Crave Online, he said he was aware of Nathan Fillion but that other actors could easily play the role as well. That may just open the door for Bradley Cooper, who I think could do a capable job.

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