Music Weirdness

Whippet, Whippet Good!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that we love our zany whippet, Panya.

Twitter user Derick (@nhovha) tweeted at us today with this:

While whippets do look good in hats (example), you may recognize the specific headgear in Derick’s image. You may also have noted the play on words there, based on Devo’s single, “Whip It”. If you didn’t, then here’s a chance for you to experience the music video. It contains a cross-eyed Asian lass brandishing a gun, a maternal figure offering everyone some of her pie (literal, I think), and the band members wearing rather odd red hats. It was the 80s so none of that really needs explaining.

[thanks Derick!]

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