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Cowboys & Asians

You’ll remember Freddie Wong for his el33t VFX skills in Future First Person Shooter, First Person Mario, and many other videos (at the end of June, Wong posted his 100th video on YouTube!)

In his latest creation, he sends his geek cred into the stratosphere. Cowboys & Aliens director, Jon Favreau, invited Wong onto the universal set and provided all the resource to creates the video. Favreau appears in it and Wong gets to use the actual wrist gun worn by Daniel Craig, although he experiences an issue that constantly plagues gamers. Check out Cowboys & FreddieW below.

Cowboys & Aliens releases in the U.S. on July 29th. South African audiences will have wait until the film canisters cross the Atlantic ocean, the local release is only set for August 19th.

[via Wes Blackmore on Google+]

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