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A Tale of Cheerleaders, Chainsaws, and Zombies

Humanity has been battling the living dead for decades, it seems like bloody forever. These fetid corpses have invaded many facets of our lives including the novels and comics that we read and TV series and movies that we watch. The games that we play aren’t safe either. Frank West beat them off with practically anything he could find, while Isaac Clarke dispatched zombies in space using his considerable talents in dismemberment. Jill Valentine fought off the freakish mutants of the Umbrella Corporation, and the average homeowner even had to repel a zombie attack through the strategic use of potted plants.

And now it seems we humans may have yet another champion against the zombie horde. From the completely off-kilter mind of Suda51 (see our Shadows of the Damned review) comes a tale of 18-year-old Juliet Starling who must rid her high school of a nasty case of the zombies. This is a task that she seems to relish, thanks to her wickedly awesome chainsaw. Also, she has bizarrely chosen wear her rather revealing cheerleading uniform, one would assume that is to minimize the amount of blood splashed on her clothes. Did I mention that the disembodied head of her boyfriend serves as a sidekick? There is bound to many a gratuitous upskirt shot, sexual innuendo by the metric ton, and outrageous amounts of blood and guts, so nothing that should come as a surprise from a Suda51 game. Have a look at the debut trailer to Lollipop Chainsaw below.

Lollipop Chainsaw releases on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. If you’re on Twitter, follow @lollichainsaw.

[via PS3ZA]

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