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Angry Birds as Superheroes!

The Internet is a veritable treasure chest of superhero mashups. We’ve seen them re-imagined as dinosaurs, felines, emotional wrecks, and even with their genders reversed. And now it seems they’ve been crossed with birds, angry ones at that.

Springfield Punx reader Ryan has been hard at work dressing up Angry Birds as if they were superheroes from the Marvel and DC comic books. As tired as you may be of Rovio’s cash cow fowl, there is no denying that these angry heroes are the teensiest bit cute. Have a look at the amusing Iron Bird, Angry Bat, the Avian Torch, and others after the jump.

See more of Ryan’s mashups on his blog You can buy the t-shirts on Redbubble.

[via +Claudio Cecchi]

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