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The Raid

Some films are all talk, and no action. The Raid isn’t one of those films, not according to the trailer at least. In this Indonesian action film directed by Welsh director Gareth Evans, it seems a rundown apartment block in Jakarta is home to a ruthless drug lord and his vicious cronies. The beat cops are too scared to even ring the doorbell, so it is up to a 20-man squad of elite cops to raid the apartment and take down the boss.

The plot may be paper-thin but it certainly sets up the throat-slitting, face-shooting, ass-kicking action that is about to assault you. Take a look at the action-packed red band trailer to The Raid.

The movie showcases the Indonesian martial art  of Pencak Silat. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to much acclaim. Sony Pictures Worldwide have acquired the distribution rights but IMDB tells us that there are currently no release dates for any of the territories aside from Indonesia.

[via Collider]

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