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Competition Time! Win a copy of Mercury Hg for Xbox 360!

We haven’t had a nice, fun competition in a long time, have we? We underlings figured that, since Lord Prawn is not keeping too close an eye on things here at Prawn Central (himself being over in Sri Lanka at the moment), we’re going to bestow upon you, Our Awesome Readers, a prize: Mercury Hg for Xbox 360 (courtesy of UTV Ignition Games). That’s right! You can win yourself the very game that was just reviewed here! The caveat, of course, is that we’re going to require you to read the entertaining review! Nothing for nothing, as they say! So get reading. We’ll wait.

Done? Did you see the part about the banana? Good. Bananas always have such high comedic value, no matter where you stick them.

So, to win, all you have to do is this: leave a comment in this post telling us what your favourite element of the periodic table is, and why. Don’t comment your entries in the review’s post—it won’t be counted. The judges will pick the most creative answer, and award that lucky person a download code for Mercury Hg for Xbox 360! You can also help us spread the word of the competition by tweeting the following:

#OneLargePrawn is giving away #MercuryHg for Xbox360. I’m in to win! You can too!

After all, more readers means more competitions!

The standard rules apply: no active contributor to this site or their direct families allowed to enter, one entry per person, etc etc. Read the rules if you’re in any doubt. Now get cracking! You have until Wendesday 9 November, 2011!

8 replies on “Competition Time! Win a copy of Mercury Hg for Xbox 360!”

a chemical element with atomic number 34, chemical symbol Se, and an atomic mass of 78.96
It is a semiconductor with the unusual property of conducting electricity better in the light than in the dark, and is used in photocells.

It is the active ingredient in Head and Shoulder and it Kills Aliens :-D (Evolution)

for me it has to be number 18 Argon
why – The name argon is derived from the Greek word αργον meaning lazy or “the inactive one :), and you have to love that right?

Mercury – Hg

Because without it, Terminator 2 effects wouldnt be as awesome! And we wouldnt fear T-1000 as much as we (still) do today!

And its found in thermometers. THERMOMETERS FTW

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