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I Know That Feel, Bro

Being different can be a difficult thing, and one can often feel alone in the world. Chris Gerringer explores this in his cute little series that shows one pop culture character as they empathize with another because they share the same fault. Whether it be a Storm Trooper and a Koopa Troopa sharing a fist bump for being expendable or Harry Potter and Batman down in the dumps about being orphaned, the common feeling is I Know That Feel, Bro. See the images after the jump.

Been Digitized

Orphaned Heroes

Wearing a Visor

Unintelligible Speech

Expendable Minions

Obsolete Technology

Genetic Experiments

Itty Bitty Living Space

Just Want a Heart

Being Green

See more such empathy on Gerringer’s deviantART gallery.

[via Live For Film]

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