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Infographic: The Internet a Decade Later

Some of us spent an obscene amount of time on the Internet, so much so that we won’t come to bed because someone is wrong with the Internet.

An animated infographic from Bested Sites shows how the addiction has grown in the last 10 years from the sheer numbers of Internets users, to the time spent browsing, to what some sites looked like then and now.

See The Internet A Decade Later after the jump. If your Internet connection hasn’t improved in the last 10 years, it may take a while to load.

[via So Bad So Good]

2 replies on “Infographic: The Internet a Decade Later”

A really insightful and flashy infographic! I’ve always wondered how many websites there are in total (although this figure is growing substantially every day). I particularly like how websites have evolved along with the web. Exiting times we live in! It’s hard to fathom what will come next…

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