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Cute and Creative Bingo Card Illustrations

Dirty knees, cup of teas, tickety boo. Not only does the 500-year old game of game have its own set of bingo lingo, several designers have put a twist to the traditional game by creating cute and original bingo card illustrations. Have a look at some of the creative concepts after the jump.


With the hipster generation slowly fitting into society, this Hipster Bingo game is a fun way to play anywhere. Using these specially-made cards, players can simply sit down on the sidewalk and wait for hipsters who will display physical characteristics that are featured on the cards. The first one to spot a hipster sharing the same feature(s) with the ones on his or her card has the right to mark it. The first one to complete a pattern wins.

The Hipster Bingo set is made by Paul Buller and is available at Etsy.


These cards are one of the most popular customized bingo cards on the net. Movie Night Bingo cards feature icons related to films that are placed on the cards in exchange of the numbers. Playing it is similar to how traditional bingo is played. Instead of the numbers being called out, movie symbols will be drawn out of a box and players will need to match them for icons on their card.

These cute bingo cards can be got from Peppermint Creative.

There are many other cute ways to have customized bingo cards. For the video game lovers, you can print the heads of your favorite characters and place them on the bingo blocks. On the other hand, for the true-blue bingo lovers, features a variety of cute Greek god mascots like Zanthos, Afro-Dity, and Earos that are perfect to use as icons for customized cards.

Know any good customized bingo cards? Let us know in the comments below.

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