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Posters for Every Episode of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was fantastic and we’re not likely to see a show of that calibre for some time to come. The drama takes its spot in the Guinness World Records 2014 edition as the “highest rated TV series.” thanks to a metascore of 99/100 on Metacritic. That’s almost as good as Heisenberg’s Blue Sky, which you’ll recall was 99.1% pure.

The series may have concluded but the fan love from Breaking Bad goes on. It left such an impression on Budapest-based designer Zsolt Moln├ír that he spent five months creating wonderfully minimalist posters for each of the 62 Breaking Bad episodes. Relive some of those momentous events after the jump, but be cautious of spoilers if you haven’t seen the show yet.

Season 1, episode 1


Season 2, episode 2


Season 2, episode 6


Season 2, episode 9


Season 3, episode 5


Season 3, episode 10


Season 4, episode 3



Season 5, episode 7


Season 5, episode 16


See the all the 62 posters at You can buy these posters at Society6.

[via Shortlist]

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