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Watch: Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Marvel’s continually expanding its cinematic universe (MCU for short), and we now have the teaser trailer for the next film: Doctor Strange starring Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch. We’ve covered previous Marvel films here before, so we anticipate this one with …err… anticipation. If you’ve no idea who Doctor Strange is, or why this is an exciting trailer, let me help you. But first watch the trailer.

Comic book geeks can pretty leave here; this is more for the uninitiated. Doctor Strange has always taken a bit of a back stage to the big hitters of the Marvel Universe such as Spider-Man or the Avengers, either as a team or as individuals. He started out in Strange Tales back in 1963 as a self-absorbed surgeon who gained POWERS COSMIC! after a vehicle accident wrecked his fingers, leaving him trying to find a way to scalp(el) people again. He uses these powers to keep keep Earth safe, and from the trailer, it seems like it’s sticking fairly close to canon. It’s still up in the air about how this film fits in with the rest of the MCU and with the upcoming Infinity War films. Time will tell!


Doctor Strange releases November 4th, in the US.

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