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Build Your Own Horizon Zero Dawn LEGO Tallneck

Upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be one epic game, and hopefully we’ll even have a review up for you guys soon! The game features these humonstrous animalistic mechs, which, judging from the in-game footage we’ve seen so far, certainly look highly impressive. While we wait for the official merch to swing by, you can always build your own LEGO Tallneck mech (that’s the one that looks like a giraffe) to have and hold and hug and call Alfred, with instructions courtesy of South African LEGO expert, Wayne de Beer.

The instruction pages, which are located on a Google Drive, are as impressive as the actual model, and looks so much like proper LEGO instructions that you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for such. You can grab the instructions here. The wonderful fellows at Makers.htxt have further insights on where to get individual LEGO parts should you not have an 8-year old son.

[Via Makers.htxt]

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