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How to use an Apostrophe

I spend a lot of time on the interwebs, and I can’t begin to tell you how often I see the misuse of an apostrophe. I got home last night and found this amazing website in one of my RSS feeds. I’ve posted it up on facebook, twitter, and now here too. I wish I could tattoo it on my body somewhere too.

It’s all written by a genius named Matthew Inman. His other sites are fantastic as well, and The Oatmeal seams to be the center of all of them. Have a look!

[Via Lifehacker]

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AWESOME Portal Baby Gear

One day when I’m a much older man, and I have kids, they’re going to look awesome. I’m going to pimp them out with geeky shirts from thinkgeek and skinny jeans. Before then though, I think I need to get them some of this goodness:

There’s actually a host of awesome clothing, including baby gear, over at Cafe Press. Have a look!

[via Gearfuse]

Arty Weirdness

Most Disturbing “Rug” We’ve Ever Seen

My mouth seriously just hung open after I saw this. I almost felt like I had witnessed something evil. Apparently this is some sort of symbol that the designer has created to illustrate her relationship with her parents.

Now, that relationship looks to me like something you’d go to jail for, but hey, whatever floats your boat, eh?


[via StreetAnatomy]

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Fishy Jewelry

I love sushi. Sushi is easily my favourite food, and if I could choose how I was going to die, I’d want to die in a bathtub filled with salmon roses.

This is taking it a bit far though. Seriously, sushi jewelry? Everyone around you is going to think that you got your ring in a R10 lucky packet.

Nevertheless, some people would actually buy this stuff, which is what’s fascinating…

[via Gearfuse]

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Google’s Opt Out – Parody Video

Aah yes, The Onion. ONN never fails to make me chuckle, and this video is no exception.

Google has offered internet users the opportunity to “Opt Out” of their services, and live in completely privacy. In order to do so, however, you need to move to a remote village and your home will be destroyed.

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Kid Plays Guitar Hero on Expert While Solving Two Rubik’s Cubes

This just blew my mind. I’ve seen people ride a unicycle while solving a Rubik’s cube, I’ve seen people juggle while solving a cube, I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous Rubik’s cube related feats, but this one almost made my head explode. Let’s break down what he’s doing:

  • He’s playing on Expert
  • He’s doing it in the reflection of a mirror
  • He’s strumming with his elbow
  • He’s solving two Rubik’s cubes after each other, with one hand.
  • He’s actually doing pretty well at Guitar hero (77%)

If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is. It would have been extra cool if he recited Pi while doing all of this.

Check it out:

[via Gizmodo]

Awesomeness Gadgets Science & Technology Video Clips

Use An Entire Wall As a Trackpad

I love following new technologies. I’m especially excited about the future of our personal computers, and how we interact with them. Microsoft’s video about the future of personal computing was amazing, and Asus’ incarnation of that technology was a great attempt.

Scratch input is the ability to transform any surface that is remotely textured into a sort of trackpad. Your desk, a wall, your door, the shower, whatever. You can even use your clothes. Using this, you could scratch your finger in a clockwise circle to increase volume, for example, or double-tap to pause your music. You’d be able to apply the gestures to your browser if you wanted, and opening and closing tabs could be a matter or one or two taps. What’s even more fantastic is that since it works on vibration, you can scratch the wall far away from the sensor and it’ll still work perfectly.

I don’t want to spoil this for you, so just watch the video, and once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, post a comment and tell us what you think.

[via Gizmodo]


Super Mario Chess Set

The fact that my first two posts on this blog are related to Nintendo games is an absolute coincidence, I promise. It’s just that the content of these two posts was just so full of win, I had to post them.

Anyway, Super Mario Chess! This is just awesome. There are a couple of odd things you start noticing once you get over the feeling of nostalgia. Mario and Luigi as King and Queen? Mario as king I can totally understand, but Luigi as queen? And why on earth are the Goombas playing as towers?

Nevertheless, it’s still totally awesome.You can buy a set at EntertainmentEarth for $40.

[via Technabob]

Arty Awesomeness

Amazing Game Art

Deviantart user, Orioto, has put some absolutely incredible art up. Taking inspiration from most of the games we played as kids (and still dream about today, I’m sure), he’s created wallpapers of the likes of Mario, Sonic, and even Donkey Kong.

Man, I really hope some game designers are seeing this. Imagine playing games that look like this. I instantly think of Braid, and its wonderful visuals.

You can download the high resolution versions of these images, and many more, from Orioto’s Deviantart account. When I say “high resolution”, I’m not kidding; That Mario image is 5000px wide!

Thanks Orioto!