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Author: Rob Valentine

We Review Ark: Survival Evolved

If you’ve been playing games for more than say, 5 years, you’ll have heard of Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s been in “Pre-release” for what feels like ages and the day has finally come for a full release. Ark isn’t for everyone but then, it was never really intended to be. Think of it more like Minecraft but with actual gorgeous graphics.

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We Review: Agents of Mayhem

Although Agents of Mayhem comes from the same pedigree stable that brought us Saints Row (Ed: That’s Volition games, if you weren’t already aware), it’s much closer to mule than thoroughbred. It’s a feast for the eyes with stunning graphics, engaging environments and a compelling world. All of this is overshadowed by the ghosts of repetitiveness, grind and a lack of real diversity. Let’s dive into this review with guns blazing and I’ll explain further.

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We Review: Antihero

What do you say about a game like Antihero? On the surface, that’s easy. It’s an electronic board game that has a really simple premise: you’re a thief trying to take over everything and there are other thieves trying to stop you. It should be simple. Ah, but if only the developers at Versus Evil were not evil masterminds hell bent on making you weep noisily and messily into your keyboard through the sheer frustration of losing at such a brilliant game, I’m sure that would be the case.

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