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Friday Timewaster: Z-Type

We know, we know. Friday afternoons are where productivity levels are at the utmost worst. You’ve eaten your lunch, you’ve had some coffee, and now your head is fuzzy from a week of too many numbers. Or colors. Or words. Or graphs. Or people. Darn those graphs! It sounds to me like you need a little something to do while waiting for 5pm to roll around. How about trying this fun little browser-based game that lets you practice your typing and spelling? Z-Type is a shoot-em-up in the style of Galaxian (created by a guy called Dominic Szablewski who writes his thoughts in his blog), although instead of repeatedly pressing fire, you have to type the word that each enemy displays. This locks your ship onto that enemy, blasting it from the skies in a shower of sparks and fire and death and destruction. Glorious!

Z-Type screenshot

Surprising addictive? Yes. Enough to get you to 5pm? Probably. Give it a shot, Commander, and let us know your high score in the comments.

Link: Phoboslab Z-Type

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Play This: Maverick Bird

At the height of its existence, the fat-lipped Flappy Bird was netting its creator – Mr Dong – a tidy USD 50,000 a day in revenue. But it ruffled too many feathers and was recently removed from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Though it’s gone from the official channels, the silliness of Flappy Bird lives on. We’ve seen Squishy Bird, Flappy Doge, and just the other day indie developer Terry Cavanagh showed his appreciation by releasing Maverick Bird.

Better known for the dangerously addictive and fiendishly difficult Super Hexagon, Cavanagh tweaks the Flappy Bird mechanics by adding a dive action. The thumping musical accompaniment is provided by KOZILEK.

Let your rage continue at and let us know how far you got.

[via SA Gamer]

Awesomeness Flash Games

Play This: Revenge of the Zombees

I don’t like bees. I’ve been stung on the nose and on the foot (not at the same time), so I keep a healthy distance for the bastards. They’re capable of ruining a perfectly leisurely picnic (the nose incident) or a walk on the beach (the foot fiasco). Thank goodness I haven’t met the killer variety.

The devastation that bees cause is clearly seen in Revenge of the Zombees. In this side-scrolling game from Adult Swim, it seems that a top secret zom-biological research facility has been conducting experiments on bees, and the tyrannous little buggers have escaped. You control this swarm of badly bee-haved insects as they go on a rampage, devouring people and cows, flattening buildings, and swatting superheroes and military choppers out of the sky.

The game warns of explicit 80s-themed gore and heavy metal violence, and takes place in four distinct settings. Hearing the sounds of the alarmed cows as they are engulfed by ravenous bees is half the fun. Play Revenge of the Zombees at Adultswim.

[via Lazygamer]

Featured Flash Games

Play This: Angry Birds

Angry Birds is old news to some, but for the people who don’t have iPhones and Android devices and felt like pariahs, it’s a good day. You may still be a pariah, but at least you get to waste your life away by hurling bird munitions at pigs, all in the comfort of your web browser. However, there is a caveat – Rovio’s insanely popular puzzle game is currently only playable on Google Chrome.

If you’re using Firefox, don’t worry Chrome looks just like it, except it works faster. Download it from and then get Angry Birds from the Chrome Web Store. And then formulate some good excuses as to why you did no work today.

UPDATE #1: If you’d prefer not to use Google Chrome, then head to in Firefox 4 or Internet Explorer 9.

UPDATE #2: It appears not even a gang of Angry Birds are safe. The Next Web reports that a cheat (Javascript hack) enables you to access all the levels from the beginning.

UPDATE 3: Oh, in case you missed it yesterday, here is the catchy Angry Birds theme as covered by indie music duo, Pomplamoose.

[via 6000]

Flash Games

Can You Beat a Computer at Rock-Paper-Scissors?

The game Rock-Paper-Scissors (or RPS) is thought to have been created at the time of the Chinese Han dynasty. It was called shoushiling, roughly translated to “hand-command”. Its popularity has spread all over the world so much so there is even a world society dedicated to the sport and several officially sanctioned events.

Computers want in on the action too, and in this handy flash game from The New York Times, you can test how you would fare against a computer that is programmed to uses databanks of statistical info to mimic human thinking and to exploit the fact that people tend to stick to patterns.

Play RPS against the computer at The New York Times website and let us know how you did.

[via Neatorama]

Flash Games Game Reviews

We Preview: Dragon Age Legends

It seems like a good many games coming out these days have a related Facebook game to try and get the fans excited about the coming blockbuster. Dragon Age: Legends is the companion game to the up-and-coming Dragon Age 2. Legends is still in closed beta, but here’s a preview of what you can expect when the game opens to the public after the jump.

Flash Games

Play This: Entangled

People who suffer from CDO (like OCD but in alphabetical order) should appreciate this little flash game. It’s called Entangled and plays on your insatiable desire to make order out of chaos. You need to take a mess of tangled loops on a tile board and restore perfect harmony to it. Give the game a try at Kongregate and let us know which level you got to.

[via Ingrid Sinclair on Twitter]

Flash Games

Play This: Give Up Robot 2

WAKE UP ROBOT!!!! It is time to DAAAANNCEEeeee (again). Give Up Robot 2 is being touted as possibly the best freeware flash game of 2010. In this 8-bit styled puzzle platformer from Adult Swim, you play as a robot who must jump and swing through a series of chambers filled with all manner of colourful things that could kill you. The trippy, epilepsy-inducing visuals are backed by equally stellar music, and some funny commentary along the way.

IndieGames loves it, Bacon and Games thinks it doesn’t suck, and Gamasutra put it on top spot of their best indie games list of 2010. Prove them right (or wrong), check out the 50 brain-melting levels from the original game and then play #2 at Adultswim.

[via Gamasutra]

Arty Cautionary Tales Featured Flash Games

Play This: One Chance

In the world of video games, we don’t normally have to worry about messing up. No biggie, we just simply restart the chapter or go to the autosaved checkpoint and try again. Indie developer, Awkward Silence Games, has crafted a deeply moving flash game with a twist – the restart mechanic does not work.

In the cautionary tale that is “One Chance”, you play the role of scientist John Pilgrim and your team has finally found a cure for cancer. The celebration is short-lived as the cure turns deadly and starts killing every organism on Earth. There are six days left to live and you must decide how to spend those days. Once the game is over, there is no replay feature, hence the title. You’re stuck with the decisions you have made.

You have one chance. Play it and let us know what happened.

[via VinylDestZA on Twitter]

Flash Games

Play This: Effing Worms

For some reason, I thought today was next week Friday and was ready to offer a cup of celebration coffee to my Muslim friend, TyrannicalDuck. Luckily the terms and conditions of his religion prevented him from hurling profanities at me. In order to make up for my faux pas, I’ve decided to offer him something to eat, virtually of course.

In Effing Worms, the player assumes the role of a young giant sand worm who seemingly has just emerged from the world’s longest fast. It is bloody hungry and you need to quench its insatiable appetite for, well, just about anything. As you progress through the levels, visit the evolution center to help your worm reach its full potential.

Play Effing Worms at Kongregate.