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Play This: Epic Coaster

If you’ve played Canabalt and Robot Unicorn Attack, you might just get a kick out of Epic Coaster. In this one-button platform game, you need to navigate your roller coaster from track to track and timing your jumps perfectly results rewards you not only with multipliers to your score, but also releases pretty shiny balloons into the sky. Joy!

There is even a nod to Adam Atomic’s parkour-inspired title – you get the “Canabalt Homage” achievement for scaring the birds. There are 80 achievements in total to unlock.

See if you can survive the most epic roller coaster ride and post back with your score.

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Play This: Color Theory

A quick look on Wikipedia reveals that color theory to be “a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual impacts of specific color combinations”. It is shown to good effect in this similarly-titled retro puzzle/platformer where you play as a little pixel-man who needs to overcome obstacles in each level by using primary and secondary colours to aid his progress. Touching a red, green, or blue sign results in your man being able to pass through obstacles of that colour. Furthermore, through additive colour mixing, touching certain other signs will let you pass through obstacles of more than one colour, for example, a magenta sign would make the red and blue obstacles disappear.

Play Color Theory and let us know how you fared.

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Play This: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

When I was growing up all the cool kids had a Sega Mega Drive. I had a pithy Sega Master System. I never had a NES or an SNES and had to listen to my friends regaling their stories of derring-do in the Mushroom Kindgom. Bastards.

Super Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo’s most popular games seeing over 40 million copies sold since its release on the NES in 1985. That makes it the second-most best-selling video game in the world (Wii Sports hold top spot). It’s been re-released a number of times and spawned quite a few sequels. You can even play it from the comfort of your web browser, and this brings us to a Jay Pavlina’s tribute to the classic side-scroller.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash game that recreates the original 8-bit world of the Mushroom kingdom, but adds a whole new level of fun by letting you play as other Nintendo characters. Currently you can choose between Mario, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Bill R., Link, and my favourite the bad-ass ninja Ryu Hayabusa. How awesome it that? But wait there’s more – each character plays as they would do in their own game, so Bill can shoot Goombas in the face and Ryu can climb walls and throw deadly shurikens.

Don’t delay, play Super Mario Bros. Crossover now!

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Play This: Fault Line

Remember those old Mad magazine fold-ins where you fold the sections on the page together to reveal a hidden image? Nitrome’s puzzle platformer Fault Line uses that folding technique at the core of its fun gameplay.

You play as a little robot who needs to reach the the exit of each level. In between you and the purple teleportation pad is a series of obstacles, which can be overcome by folding parts of the level together. You do this by joining nodes together with your awesome detachable arms.

It’s fun, puzzling, and totally beats working on Monday mornings. Play Fault Line.

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Play This: Doodle God

They won’t teach you this in bible school, but at the dawn of time there was the Doodle God. This god was kind and had a penchant for casual games.

The premise of Doodle God is pretty simple. You start off with four basic elements – earth, water, fire, and air – and by mixing these elements together you begin to create the stuff in our world. From the initial pool of four elements, it is possible to end up with a whopping 115 elements!

Gotta create ’em all! Play Doodle God and let us know how creative you got.


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Play This: Coma

You may notice something different today – the blog is alive again. It was down for most of yesterday, its feeling were hurt when the data centre it lived in decided to fall over. We’re back now and just wanted to send our apologies if you’ve tried to visit but got bitch-slapped by a nasty error. Anyways, back to the normal programming…

Nick the squirrel over at Lazygamer tweeted at me:

@onelargeprawn If you don’t post that last flash game that I just linked to on your website, you are doing an injustice to humanity

You’re in luck my man, I looked at my calendar today and no one has penciled me in for doing any type of injustice to humanity. The game Nick is referring to is an amazing trip into the subconscious. In Coma your character Pete is stuck in the construct that is his mind and you need to help him find this way through this strange, whimsical place.

The creator spent a year crafting the experience and it’s really well executed from the visuals to the soothing soundtrack to the funny quips between the characters. You must play Coma, you must play it now!

[thanks Nick]

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Play This: Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre

The mist has descended around our offices, it’s all eerie and shit, a perfect time for an 8-bit zombie apocalypse. Illustrator Manning Krull pays homage to 8-bit games from back in the day with Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre. In this action side-scrolling platformer a siege of undead lie between French rock band Toxic Sonic and their gig. You’ll need get the trio there before time runs out.

It’s Friday so let loose, bust heads, and glug beer mindlessly in Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre.

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Play This: “Guess the Accent” Game

Are you a cunning linguist? Have you watched enough re-runs on the Travel Channel to distinguish a Lithuanian accent from a Latvian one? Then you might like this little flash game. It contains clips showing a handful of people from around the world reciting lines from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If”. You need to guess which country each person hails from.

Try to guess the accents correctly and let us know how you scored.

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Play This: Portal Defenders

As any person with pets will tell you, you never really own cats. It’s really the other way around, and deep down you know it too. They hog all the space in the bed, rip you to shreds when you try feed them medicine, and merrily take their shits in your manicured garden. If cats has opposable thumbs, we’d be in for a world of discomfort – fur balls would be deposited in our shoes and cat-sick would rain from above.

If you live in an abusive relationship with your cat, you might like Portal Defenders. It’s a side-scroller that has you running about beating up baddies, some of which happen to be felines.

Play Portal Defenders at Kongregate.

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xkcd’s Tetris Hell Now a Flash Game

Randall Munroe from the webcomic xkcd clearly has some influence. Last month, he posted a comic about how hellish the game of Tetris could be (see here). It went viral and after a couple of days, the first Flash game based on said comic hit the Internet. I only spotted it now, what can I say I’m not the quickest of cats.

With a curved bottom and bouncy physics, the game is probably a Tetris fan’s worst nightmare and pretty much an unwinnable. Play the first implementation of Hell by kaolin fire or try the newer one by Banthar.

Let us know how you did failed miserably.

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