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How to Safely Deflate Your Hamster

You know how it is. There are just some days where you feel conspicuous because everyone is walking around with their hamsters properly deflated, and yours is still fully inflated and by this point, you’re too afraid to ask how to deflate it properly. And that’s not mentioning just how unsafe it all is. You COULD use one of the unorthodox methods, but then you’ve got an unhappy hamster and you’re also having to sweep out the dead bees and shoo away the monkey mariachi band. If only there was some simple way to do this! Well, there is! And this tutorial will show you how! After the jump.

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What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

I love languages, and I’ve personally found that the more languages you know, the funnier the world becomes. Having said that, I’m only totally proficient in a single language (i.e. English), although I’ve got enough bits and bobs of other languages to tell me when the subtitles in foreign TV shows are bullshitting me. How hard is it to learn a new language though? What are the hardest languages to learn, assuming a first language of English? Funny you should ask, because Voxy blog have an infographic that answers just that question. See the infographic after the break.

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The Layman’s Guide to Braaing

I must tell you, writing this article has just made me incredibly hungry. I mean, just look at the header image and you’ll understand why.

The topic of discussion today is the South African pastime known as The Braai. If you’re an international reader, you’re probably wondering “What the heck is a Braai?” Well never fear, I’m here to not only tell you what a Braai is, but also shed some more light on the whole phenomenon.

Find out more after the jump.

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How To Do Things Faster

Pressed for time? Need to squeeze more out of your day? This compilation is full of handy hints and tips for speeding up the way you do some of the more mundane things in life like tying shoes laces, peeling a potato, and getting into a parking spot.

[via The Daily What]

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Phat Photoshop Tutorial Rap

The Internet is filled with all kinds of Photoshop hints and tips, none we think are as entertainingly presented as this Photoshop Tutorial Rap.

Watch ace Photoshopper and part-time rapper CMYKilla as he drops his rhymes in this surprisingly instructive music video.

[via Ufunk]

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How to use an Apostrophe

I spend a lot of time on the interwebs, and I can’t begin to tell you how often I see the misuse of an apostrophe. I got home last night and found this amazing website in one of my RSS feeds. I’ve posted it up on facebook, twitter, and now here too. I wish I could tattoo it on my body somewhere too.

It’s all written by a genius named Matthew Inman. His other sites are fantastic as well, and The Oatmeal seams to be the center of all of them. Have a look!

[Via Lifehacker]

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Electric Cigarettes

On the topic of smoking gadgets – here’s one that offers you a nicotine high with none of the side effects or nasty additives.

Apparently you can smoke electric cigarettes (which are battery powered) indoors at work and in restaurants because they use pure liquid nicotine. So there’s no secondary smoke to harm the people around you.

Check them out on youtube: the new electric cigarette

And check out a full range of products on Smoke51.

The Daily Mail’s article has more information.

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Knowledge is Key: How to Pee With an Erection

Here at the Onelargeprawn blog, we’re for edumacation. Knowledge never goes wasted, however obscure or insignificant it may be. And today we investigate the age-old problem of how to properly take a leak whilst possessing an enormous erection. Here are some techniques to prevent you from splashing the floor, the wall, or worse yourself.

Strong Arming

The brute force method that involves bending your member downwards towards the bowl. Ensure correct pressure is applied – too little could cause awkward spraying, too much could result in possible breakage of the device. In some cases, this technique constricts the flow of urine too much.

The Lunge

If happen to have a down-ward facing erection, simply lunge forward to angle the stream into the bowl. Caution is needed towards the end when your streams becomes weaker- adjust your lunge to avoid unnecessary spillage.

The Superman

A technique reserved for the superhero in you. Mount the bowl in a single bound and pretend your flying. A cape can be added for that authentic look.

More techniques can be found at SEXHAX.

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Sex: You’re Doing it Wrong

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. Just like the “Do not use intimately” warning sign found on a deodorant sticks.

Found at Bits & Pieces.

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Party Tricks: Turning Your Pee Blue

I liken my pee to the nectar of the gods. As such I’ve never bothered to pimp it out in any form or another. Until now.

By ingesting an amount of a chemical called Methylene Blue (a dark green powder at room temperature) you can be pissing blue in as little as two hours. Apparently the powder tastes like I feel every working day — bitter — so mix it into your favourite food.

WARNING: The guide contains instructions to eat things which are not sold for human consumption. Make sure you know the risks and try not to die in the process. If you manage to pee blue please don’t send us images of you draining your snake. That’s just nasty. Ladies this goes for you too.

That being said, find the full tutorial at – via About Colon Blank.