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Whippets are Awesome!

If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you may have seen photos of our toy fox terrier Mina and our zany whippet, Panya. Aside from another local, Mallix, who has one and a few other people we have encountered on the mountain and the beach, the whippet doesn’t seem to be that popular a breed in Cape Town. On a number of occasions, after Panya has jumped all over the people she meets, we’re asked if she is a Greyhound (bigger) or an Italian Greyhound (smaller).

Despite their sleek look it’s a fallacy that they need to be exercised constantly and rigorously. Whippets often spend the majority of the day sleeping, so much so that they even have a particular napping position, called the cockroach (example). Be it dozing on the couch, sporting a fancy hat, or careering off into the distance, a whippet is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. See a small collection of these lovable dogs after the jump.

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Evan Kafka’s Super Cute Animal Portraits

Visitors to the blog may be acquainted with our puppies Mina and Panya. They’re very sweet dogs (although Mina dislikes cyclists and joggers) and the all photos I have taken of them are spur of the moment. They’re nigh uncontrollable and I’m as as likely of getting our pets to pose for photos as I am of getting them to recite the alphabet, backwards.

I’d like to be able to shoots animals as New York City photographer Evan Kafka does. His pet portraits are so emotive and so ridiculously cute. Have a look at some of his work after the jump.

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This AT-AT is Adorable!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a great day, thanks for asking. I turned 25 for the 7th year in a row and it felt good. It’s Monday/Moanday/Glumday, I’m back in the office, and wishing I were somewhere else. After watching Patrick Boivin’s adorable short film about a playful AT-AT and a peek into its life as man’s best friend, I’d rather be at home playing with our puppies.

Check out AT-AT Day Afternoon below.

BONUS: You might also like Lunchbreath’s assortment of lesser-know underachieving AT-AT models. Take a look at those after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Massive Cuteness

Cute of the Day: Panya, Chii, and a Pygmy Jerboa

The day started off as it usually does – cigarette, coffee, internet, work internet, ciggie, internet, ciggie, casual insult, ciggie, internet, internet. And for some reason, I am inexplicably drawn to cute content today. First there were the photos of Panya, the newest addition to our family of pets. She’s about 6 weeks old, and such a sweetie pie, except when she decides to nom on our ears during the middle of the night.

Then there was Chii, the shiba inu that puts on the biggest smile whenever her master is nearby. It’s adorable.

And now, the pygmy jerboa. According to Wikipedia, jerboas are hopping desert rodents with long tufted tails, very long hind legs, and quite possibly the cutest things in the world.

If you found any cute stuff today, be sure to send it to along to us.

[via Urlesque]

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AWESOME Portal Baby Gear

One day when I’m a much older man, and I have kids, they’re going to look awesome. I’m going to pimp them out with geeky shirts from thinkgeek and skinny jeans. Before then though, I think I need to get them some of this goodness:

There’s actually a host of awesome clothing, including baby gear, over at Cafe Press. Have a look!

[via Gearfuse]

Animal Kingdom Massive Cuteness

Tom Thumb: Possibly The World’s Smallest Dog

OMG, puppeh! This little guys is Tom Thumb, a 3-week-old Chihuahua-Jack Russell cross. He measures four inches from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and weighs as much as Paris Hilton’s brain.

Tom is a serious contender for smallest dog in the world, and is seen here tastefully sitting in the family tea cup. Awww, that is too cute. Here’s the full picture:

Read more about Tom Thumb at The Daily Mail. [via Buzzfeed]

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DIY Toys: Readymechs

Readymech is a project of the FWIS design collective, that makes free, flatpack toys that you can print and build. Readymechs may not be as cool as Dunnies and Munnies but are certainly way cheaper. And I’m all about cheap.

Head over to the Readymech Series, abuse those working printing resources, and get building.

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Eyemaze: Having Fun With The Grow Series

From Japan with love. Eyemaze the masters of casual amazement are famous for their quirky Grow series of games. It starts off with a simple idea. You need to pick seemingly arbitrary objects one-by-one and watch them grow towards a goal. The order in which you click the objects determines the outcome of the game as there is only one correct order that will create the most quirkiest, delightful (and complete) contraption. If you don’t get the order right, you’ll still get a fun, but different animation.

Click the links below to play the games at Eyemaze.

Grow Tower

Grow Cube

Grow Island

Grow Ornament

Grow RPG

Grow ver.3 (Remake)

Grow ver.2

Grow ver.1

The solutions to the games can be found after the jump.

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Cute of the Day

Animal Kingdom Massive Cuteness

Hot Dog

Awww, my cold heart melted just a little. And now I’m hungry.