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Playboy’s Titillating Tribute to Tron

I know, it was the Tron bit that brought you here wasn’t it? It’s like how I buy Playboy magazine for the impeccably-worded discourse. Speaking of the gentleman’s magazine, you may enjoy this little clip. Playmates Irina Voronina (the blonde I believe) and Sasckya Porto participate in Playboy’s rather risque tribute to the goodness of Tron. It comes complete with light cycles, neon lights, and smatterings of nudity. Check it out below.

Playboy has also produced some images to accompany their video, have a gawk at those after the jump. I’ve kindly obscured the naughty bits with dainty prawns so you won’t get into trouble if you’re viewing this at work. How nice am I?

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Vagina Bubbles From Hell!

This is ludicrous. No, this is Japan and as frequent commenter and writer Macross likes to tell us, the bomb affected them more than they’d care to mention.

In the movie entitled Female Ninjas: The Magic Chronicles, the assassins are equally skilled in all manner of sexual arts as they are in ninjin’. And in this clip from the movie a female ninja dispatches a foe by using deadly bubbles from her nether regions.

See more bad ninja magic at io9. And speaking of bubbles, you might like what we did to some local bikini models.

[via Boing Boing]

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We “Bubble” Some Local Models

I don’t know much about the doctrines of Mormonism but the Internet revealed that a Mormon on a bodybuilding forum wasn’t too happy that the terms and conditions of his religion prohibited the viewing of naked bodies. In his earnest desire to see nudity that wasn’t there, this horny lad said he created a radical technique called bubbling. In all likelihood, it originated from the bowels of the Internet, 4chan, however I’m not going to investigate further – every time I go there, I see something I really wish I hadn’t…

Bubbling involves loading a photo of one or more bikini-clad ladies in a graphics editor and applying a set of circular cutouts in strategic locations. This gives the illusion that said ladies are completely naked. The young Mormon’s results were quite convincing so we thought we’d give it a go too. Armed with a tutorial (see here), we set about bubbling, not just anyone mind you, but some home-grown models. Have a look at our creations after the jump.

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Life’s a (Photorealistic) Beach

Reportedly today marks the beginning of Spring in South Africa. Cape Town clearly didn’t get the memo, and we’re swamped in grey moody clouds. My memory is sketchy at the best of times, but according to @Mallix on Twitter the weather is supposed to be crap this time of year.

Come on now people – everyone knows September/October is our coldest season. Harden the fuck up! #capetown

When one thinks of spring, it conjures up happy images of rebirth… of new plants springing forth… of colourful bikinis. We contemplate the latter in this post through the art of 68-year-old master painter, Hilo Chen. The artist is famous for his photorealistic oil-on-canvas paintings of nudes and flowers, with critics saying the skin tones on his ladies are so “real” you’d want to reach out and touch them. Have a look at some of his beach paintings after the jump. I have covered up the naughty bits but you can click on those images to see the uncensored images.

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“Harden The Fuck Up” and Other Wallpaper

Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Prawn can make wallpaper but it seems good ones can be hard to find. It’s also a very subject thing so you might not find these ones relevant to your interest unless you need a bit of encouragement, or are looking for a minimalist take on Officer’s Murtaugh unmentionables, or just fancy a pair of hot buns. Check them out after the jump.

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Dead Sexy Zombie Pin-Ups

Lord, where are my braaaaiinnsss at? Six months through 2010 and I just remembered about the dead sexy girls that grace My Zombie Pinup’s yearly calendar.

It’s vintage 1950s pin-ups versus classic zombies. We know you’d hit that…with a spade. See this years’ Miss Zombie January through to Miss Zombie December after the jump – possibly NSFW on the account of necrotic flesh.

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Superhero Gender Swap!

Word from the Daily Mail is that the Chastity Cher is in the final stages of operation gender-swap and will next month ask a judge to formally change her gender to male and forthwith be known as Chaz Cher. Good on her/him.

We now move from the realm of normality to that of the extraordinary, and consider what male superheroes would look like if they were female. Two comic artists Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera do just that – for each month of the year since 2007, they take a male character from a comic book or cartoon and create a suitably sexy female equivalent. Their gender reversals are freakishly awesome (note to self: find better synonyms).

Check out some of our favourite superhero gender reversals after the jump (possibly NSFW).

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Cartoon Sexy: Marge Simpson poses for Playboy

To celebrate the 20th season of the Simpsons, devoted wife, loving mother and island of calm in a family-sized crazy storm, Marge Simpson is about to do something no cartoon character has ever done. The sweet, husky-voiced lady with her signature towering blue hairdo will be gracing the cover of Playboy magazine. Marge will also appear in her own spread where her modesty will be tastefully preserved by some cartoon lingerie. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s cool. Sure Marge is a mother, and a house wife, but who says those things make a woman unsexy?

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders, has said that he is hoping that featuring Marge will attract younger readers (those in their 20s) to the magazine. Only time will tell if this works. See the cover after the jump.

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Cyporn by Pierrick Thebault

Pssst. Have you come home from a tiring day at the office? Do you want to relax, have a cup of soothing Chamomile tea, and enjoy some pixel porn? Well then I have just the thing for you.

Cyporn is an art installation by Pierrick Thébault, and interface designer and journalist for Amusement Magazine. Inspired by the avatars of Cyworld, which is apparently the number one social networking website in South Korea, Thébault created a set of 5 pixel porn scenes of characters who left their saccharine-sweet home of Cyworld and to seek a more hedonistic lifestyle in the Game Boy.

Find the pixel porn scenes after the jump.

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It’s lunch time and I’m running on fumes (pity it’s not paint fumes). As such, I’m likely to make dubious posting decisions. This, I think, is not one of them.

Whythefuckdoyouhaveakid is Tumblelog questioning why some people thought it was a good idea to procreate. The picture captions are certainly bang on. Check out a few after the jump.