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A Nudge in the Wrong Direction

Everyone says that a dog is a man’s best friend, but they never tell you the caveat – pay attention to your dog’s request for affection or they’ll mess you up. Watch as this naked web surfer (his bits are censored so it’s SFW) experiences this first-hand.

Wait for the punch line, wait for it…

Eminem Gets T-Bagged by Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards

Sacha Baron Cohen never fails to amuse me. The star of the upcoming movie Brüno made a hilarious entrance in the MTV Movie Awards. As he soared into the auditorium with wings strapped on his back, he seemed to hit the rigging, strained his sugar lumps, and splashed down on top of unwitting rapper Eminem. I don’t know if this was ‘planned’ not but Bruno landed face down with his balls in Eminem’s face! Epic win!

Watch the video below. If it gets removed due to copyright infringements, you can try HERE or HERE.

Brüno’s delivered the best male performance ever, but Eminem didn’t take the joke too well and left the stage disgusted. He obviously didn’t get the memo.

BONUS: The 2009 MTV Movie Award winners can be found at Channel 24.

[via Buzzfeed]

Win T-shirts from Love Jozi!

Note: This competition has ended.

This is the very first of our t-shirt giveaways and comes courtesy of our friends at Love Jozi. Finding inspirations from the surroundings in Johannesburg, Love Jozi mixes urban fashion with social consciousness to create garment designs that make Johannesburg as intriguing as her hard-working urban-savvy residents.

And we’ve got two fantastic tees to give away in the first week of June. Full competition details are after the jump.

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It’s T-shirt Giveaway Month!

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. I never knew what that phrase meant except that I feared the very first day of each month at school. It was all-boys school so there were a lot of punches thrown, and I was always on the receiving end. Funnily enough I didn’t get pinched – we were all under the impression that only girls did the pinching. We also thought they had round vaginas. Oh to be young and clueless – good times.

In any case, half of the year has already gone, and another birthday will soon be upon on me. To celebrate my entrance to the world, we’ve organized giveaways to stretch through the whole month of June! We’ve contacted some sponsors and they’ve generously donated prizes towards our competition. A few details are still to be finalized, but in all likelihood you, our dear readers, will stand a chance of winning t-shirts practically every week of this month! 8-)

More details to follow soon – our very first t-shirt giveaway will be happening in the next hour. Stay tuned.

Lookie Look: Win UFC 2009 Undisputed with the PS3 Blog!

When Bas Rutten isn’t busy teaching you how bust heads and take two eyes for an eye, he’d probably be playing UFC 2009 Undisputed naked in his living room. And I just got word from our friend Freak_c at local gaming site PS3 Blog that they’re giving away 2 copies of the game.

To stand a chance of winning UFC 2009 Undisputed for the Playstation 3, head on over to the PS3 Blog for the full details.

Flash Game Friday: Minim

I totally forgot about this and I’d feel guilty about it if I didn’t think guilt was an unnecessary feeling ;-) Truth be told, I’ve got inFAMOUS on the brain and can’t wait to get home and play it.But I’m stuck at work for a while and have been pleasantly entertained with number-puzzler Minim.

In Minim you are presented with a molecule made up of number atoms and modifier atoms.  You now need to combine atoms with the same number to minimize the puzzle molecule to a single atom. It’s starts off pretty easy and then dispenses with the niceties. Use the mouse to click and combine atoms, drag atoms, and rotate the molecule.

Play Minim at Kongregate.

[via Zoomdoggle]

Because I Like You so Much

For reasons only known to himself, tweep (yes it seems to be a recognized word these days) Ryan Brown is following us on Twitter.

A quick check at his website doesn’t reveal much else except that Ryan seems to draw comics. Here’s an example of his handiwork. Click to embiggen.

Ryan if you’re listening drop us a line and tells us more about yourself, because we like you.

Me So Horny: Spanish Matador Gets Gored By Angry Bull

Israel Lancho is not having a good day. The Spanish matador missed his footing and got speared by an obviously unhappy bull during the the San Isidro festival in Mardrid. The festival (which marks the start of the bullfighting season) honous city’s patron saint Isidro, who is also the patron saint of farmers, but not bullfighters it seems.

Lancho suffered a 25-cm deep cut stomach wound at the hands of the bull and is in serious condition. I think it’s pretty apparent what our lesson-of-the-day is.

Read the full story at The Mirror.

[via Buzzfeed]

Watchmen Graphic Novel Competition: We Have a Winner!

Our fantastic Watchmen Graphic Novel competition has come to an end. To stand a chance to winning the hardcover edition of one of the most influential graphic novels of all time, WATCHMEN, we asked you to name one of the Outer Limits staff choice graphic novels for the month of may. We accepted any of the three mentioned on the Outer Limits website.

Once again we’ve had a great response so thanks not only to everyone who entered, but also to our readers who visit and support the blog. Cheers!

OK, enough of this waffle. The Randomizer has done its thing and spat out a winner. Could it be you? Find out after the jump.

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This is South Africa’s Sexiest Woman

For my first post today, I had considered putting up a video of two men coming face-to-face with a shark in the shark cage, but none of them died so I decided to go with SA’s sexiest woman instead. Capetonian Lyndall Jarvis received over a million sweaty-palmed votes and has been crowned this year’s FHM Sexiest Woman in South Africa.

Some of the more attentive gamers out there may recognize the 25-year old Jarvis from the PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 where the character Laughing Octopus was modelled on her lady bits.

Here are some images I found on the Google so their authenticity is dubious at best.

Leigh-Ann Mol took his photo of Jarvis during her chat with Gareth Cliff in the 5 FM studios.

Word has it that her shoe size is an 8 and has a boyfriend who is a Sharks supporter so its bad news for the lads wanting to get a piece of the Jarvis pie.

BONUS: Here’s the video of “Two Men and a Shark”.