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We Review: Tengami (Wii U)

Tengami is a game which pretends to be a Japanese pop-up book. You turn pages, slide the paper bits, and solve puzzles in this game. Let’s see what kind of story it wants to tell. Read more

We Review: Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Since Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire has already shipped 7.7 million units as of the writing of this review, I think you can say it’s a pretty foregone conclusion as to what the outcome of this review is going to be (by comparison, the original Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire sold a total of 14 million units over its entire lifespan). Still, the natural order of things must hold, and I’m going to tell you exactly why you should be Catching Them All once more. Read more

Marvel Christmas Goodies Competition Winners

You may have heard of the MARVEL-lous competition that we ran last week. Today’s the day you find out if you won one of three awesome Marvel hampers courtesy of Disney Africa and Readers Den! Who will our lucky three be? Will it be you? Or you there at the back? How about you over there in the Iron Man cosplay? Nice mask. Drumroll please as we draw the winners…

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Disney Princess Census

Infographics are awesome, aren’t they? Buzzfeed did a census of Disney females, and the results are…well…see for yourself.

disneycensus(Via Buzzfeed)

Marvel Goodies Christmas Competition

It’s almost Christmas time, and we love giving you presents! Well, lucky for you, Christmas may come a little early for three lucky Marvel fans, courtesy of the wonderful folk at Disney, and the wonderful folk at Readers Den Comic shop!

Want to win? Then enter right here!

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We Review: Mario Kart 8 DLC: Zelda x Mario Kart

We reviewed Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U when it first came out back over here at this Link (see what I did there?), and if you’ve exhausted all the tracks and characters and wish there were new life in the game, then I’ve got good news for you. Two new cups and eight new track, plus some new characters and vehicles, all being reviewed right here, right now, by me. Let’s race.

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Dude Makes Tiny Sword From Nail

You’ve no doubt seen Tony Swatton forge some incredible real life versions of fictional weapons. In this video by the Inspired to Make YouTube channel, the same blacksmithing skills are applied on a much smaller scale. Check out the creator bang out a household nail into a cute mini sword, complete with cross-guard and pommel.

[via @shawn_hamman]

We Review: Shovel Knight (3DS)

If you haven’t yet heard of Shovel Knight, then you’ve probably no interest in gaming’s glorious 8-bit past. Shovel Knight was created as a homage to the wonder of 8-bit console gaming (with a few minor tweaks). He’s quite literally that: a knight armed with naught but a humble shovel to dig his way out of trouble. I take my vorpal sword shovel in hand, and off I trundle to seek the manxome foes. Read more

We Review: Borderlands the Pre-Sequel!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! (and not Borderlands 3, or even Borderlands 1.5) is the latest game in the Borderlands universe, and takes place chronologically between the first two games. The game serves as a way for players to get to know and understand how Handsome Jack, the villain from the prior game (reviewed here), became such an utter malignant misanthrope. I grab my vault hunting gear and head for the moon of Pandora to battle lunar-tics and see what manner of loot I can grab.

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We Review: Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest 2 is, for those not astute enough to ponder at the “2” at the end of the name, is the sequel to the 2010 indie hit, Costume Quest. Halloween is in danger, so I put on my favourite costume and go trick or treating to find some candy in this game.

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