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You Won’t Believe They’re 3D Portraits

Sometimes you should believe everything you read on the Internet. This is one of those times. David Moratilla Amago from Spain experiments with photo-realism in his series of 3D renderings. Using a combination of Photoshop, BodyPaint, and Maya, the artist creates amazing detailed close-up portraits, including the “fur” on the face of his pretty model and the veins in her sclera. Have a look at his 3D portraits after the jump.

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BIG CATCH: A Fishy Tale by Moles Merlo

In this cute little short film by Parisian director Moles Merlo, a fisherman trundles up to the end of a pier and tries to catch some fish. Unbeknown to him, a predator is looking to make a meal of him. Hilarity ensues. There’s even a nod to James Cameron’s Titanic at the end. Check out BIG CATCH below.

[via speckyboy]