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Tag: 3rd Person Shooter Games

We Review: Agents of Mayhem

Although Agents of Mayhem comes from the same pedigree stable that brought us Saints Row (Ed: That’s Volition games, if you weren’t already aware), it’s much closer to mule than thoroughbred. It’s a feast for the eyes with stunning graphics, engaging environments and a compelling world. All of this is overshadowed by the ghosts of repetitiveness, grind and a lack of real diversity. Let’s dive into this review with guns blazing and I’ll explain further.

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We Review: Splatoon 2

Can it have been two years since the original Splatoon came to us in a spurt of glorious, riotous colour and 4-on-4 mayhem? Wow…time flies! Well, the inklings are back in Splatoon 2 with a new adventure with new toys (read: weapons), gear, and opponents to fight, as well as new Splatfests and even a few new modes of play. And all of this on the Nintendo Switch, a console far more popular than its older, neglected awesome brother, the Wii U. Grab your super soakers and meet me in the Underpass for some cephalopod on cephalopod action.

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