Ninjas Can’t Catch You If…

It’s recently come to light that some ninjas are able to spew forth a wave of deadly bubbles from their hoohoos. While that’s pretty awesome, ninjas aren’t necessarily perfect. Like everyone else, they are fallible to some degree, as shown in a 2008 episode of the web comic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja where the good doctor’s father set himself on fire so that the ninjas wouldn’t attack him. That practical idea was printed onto a t-shirt and then picked up by 4chan’s random board, /b/. And a fun little meme was born.

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We “Bubble” Some Local Models

I don’t know much about the doctrines of Mormonism but the Internet revealed that a Mormon on a bodybuilding forum wasn’t too happy that the terms and conditions of his religion prohibited the viewing of naked bodies. In his earnest desire to see nudity that wasn’t there, this horny lad said he created a radical technique called bubbling. In all likelihood, it originated from the bowels of the Internet, 4chan, however I’m not going to investigate further – every time I go there, I see something I really wish I hadn’t…

Bubbling involves loading a photo of one or more bikini-clad ladies in a graphics editor and applying a set of circular cutouts in strategic locations. This gives the illusion that said ladies are completely naked. The young Mormon’s results were quite convincing so we thought we’d give it a go too. Armed with a tutorial (see here), we set about bubbling, not just anyone mind you, but some home-grown models. Have a look at our creations after the jump.

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Boxxy – What’s the Fuss?

A year ago a young, a heavily-eyelinered, ADD-riddled young woman going by the handle of Boxxy posted an uninspiring video on Youtube. Somehow it got forwarded to 4Chan, and started an almighty flame war that split the 4Channers into two groups – the ones who professed their undying love for Boxxy, and those who hated all that she stood for. The lovers went about hacking Boxxy’s YouTube account and other websites in search of her true identity, whilst the haters launched a denial of service attack on the 4Chan itself, bringing it down for a few hours.

Having seen the video, I honestly don’t see what the fuss is about. If I had to pick a side though, I’d certainly drill a fat hole in her head and I wouldn’t charge her for my services.

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