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Play This: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

When I was growing up all the cool kids had a Sega Mega Drive. I had a pithy Sega Master System. I never had a NES or an SNES and had to listen to my friends regaling their stories of derring-do in the Mushroom Kindgom. Bastards.

Super Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo’s most popular games seeing over 40 million copies sold since its release on the NES in 1985. That makes it the second-most best-selling video game in the world (Wii Sports hold top spot). It’s been re-released a number of times and spawned quite a few sequels. You can even play it from the comfort of your web browser, and this brings us to a Jay Pavlina’s tribute to the classic side-scroller.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash game that recreates the original 8-bit world of the Mushroom kingdom, but adds a whole new level of fun by letting you play as other Nintendo characters. Currently you can choose between Mario, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Bill R., Link, and my favourite the bad-ass ninja Ryu Hayabusa. How awesome it that? But wait there’s more – each character plays as they would do in their own game, so Bill can shoot Goombas in the face and Ryu can climb walls and throw deadly shurikens.

Don’t delay, play Super Mario Bros. Crossover now!

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Medals for Console War Veterans

There’s always a competitive streak in gamers. More often than not, we’re trying to one-up others by posting the best lap times, having a better KD ratio, or by obliterating a mate’s pithy Super Stardust score. Sometimes we get obsessed/possessed and single-minded in our hobby. That competitiveness also shows itself in the console we choose to support. The “System wars” have raged on since the late 70s with arguments followed by counter-arguments, and countless fanboys perishing in the great debates on website and forums all over the world.

An online boutique has created a set of six commemorative medals as a reminder of the allegiances made, the friends that were lost, and the endless battles we have been a part of. Check them out after the jump.

Flash Games Mindlessness

Play This: Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre

The mist has descended around our offices, it’s all eerie and shit, a perfect time for an 8-bit zombie apocalypse. Illustrator Manning Krull pays homage to 8-bit games from back in the day with Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre. In this action side-scrolling platformer a siege of undead lie between French rock band Toxic Sonic and their gig. You’ll need get the trio there before time runs out.

It’s Friday so let loose, bust heads, and glug beer mindlessly in Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre.

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Arty Awesomeness Music Video Clips

The 8-Bit Music Video For Moby’s “Wait For Me”

Back in March of this year, electronica star Moby asked his fans to create a music video for his single “Wait for Me”. He offered up USD 5,000 for the best video and USD 1,000 for the two runners-up.

Moby was quite surprised at the response, he thought 30 to 40 entries would be the max, but almost 500 videos were submitted! People voted for their favourite videos on and when it was narrowed down to six finalists, Moby picked the eventual winner.

The winning entry was directed by Nimrod Shapira, but the one we’re going to show you today is by one of the runner-ups, Maik Hempel. Games are supposed to be fun, so Hempel thought of creating a 2D-scrolling arcade game video to try offset the melancholic tone of the song. It’s a great effort, but still bit of a tear-jerker. Have a look at his 8-bit music video to “Wait For Me”.

See the winning entry by Shapira after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Video Clips

A Pixelpocalypse Hits New York!

OMG! It’s a Pixelpocalypse!

Created by Patrick Jean in collaboration with One More Production, PIXELS is a short film showing New York under siege from 8-bit video game characters. If you’re a fan of retro gaming and disaster flicks, it doesn’t get better than this. Enjoy.

[via speckyboy]

Awesomeness Featured Gaming News Music Video Clips

The 8-Bit Trip

In what could possibly be one of the greatest Lego music videos yet seen, 8-Bit Trip is a stop-motion tribute to classic video games that took 1500 pain-staking hours to create. The results are nothing less than awesome. Check it out below or see it in HD at YouTube.

The video was created by animator Tomas Redigh and musician Daniel Larsson, the duo that make up Swedish band Rymdreglage.

[via Buzzfeed]

Awesomeness Movies

The Dude Abides: 8-Bit Lebowski Art

Jude Buffum is an illustrator and designer from Philadelphia and has a Flickr photostream full of 8-bit awesomeness, including art from one of the most entertaining stoner flicks ever, The Big Lebowski.

See more of Jude Buffum’s work on his Art/Design/Illustration Flickr set.

[via Blame It On The Voices]

Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE!

Featuring an 8-bit water slide mixed with some real world imagery, this cute stop-motion animation was created by tea&cheese for a film competition.

All the characters, props and sets where created and animated in Flash, then cut out and re-animated, frame by frame, in real life.

Be warned – there is mild 8-bit nudity in this video.

[via Milk and Cookies]

Awesomeness Video Clips

Watchmen: The Game

Dr Manhattan faces off against the Jolly Green Giant. It’s a dong fight of epic proportions!

Found at Buzzfeed.