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Mean Streets: Russian Dashcams Show Escapes in the Nick of Time

Driving in Russia can be hazardous and so commonplace that a separate genre of YouTube clips has sprung forth. Some are horrible car accidents and you don’t want to look, but you know you’re going to. On a positive note, in this (still terrifying) dashcam compilation, the majority of the people managed to escape death just in the nick of time.

[via Blacknotes]

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Russian Life Seen Through Dashcams

Thanks to the dashboard-mounted cameras on motor vehicles, we get to see life in Russia like we never have before. Recently, many Russians uploaded their dashcam videos of the meteorite that exploded over central Russia and injured more than a 1,000 people.

This little compilation of dashcam videos shows the variety of life in Russia from jet flybys and car flips to spilled milk cows and a round of fisticuffs. It is set to wonderfully enthusiastic music from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a”. Enjoy.

See more dashcam compilations on YouTube.

[via The Guardian]

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Me So Horny: Spanish Matador Gets Gored By Angry Bull

Israel Lancho is not having a good day. The Spanish matador missed his footing and got speared by an obviously unhappy bull during the the San Isidro festival in Mardrid. The festival (which marks the start of the bullfighting season) honous city’s patron saint Isidro, who is also the patron saint of farmers, but not bullfighters it seems.

Lancho suffered a 25-cm deep cut stomach wound at the hands of the bull and is in serious condition. I think it’s pretty apparent what our lesson-of-the-day is.

Read the full story at The Mirror.

[via Buzzfeed]

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Head Over Heels

A tale of love and love lost in stick-figure town.

– via The Daily What.

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Death by Hart Attack

Freestyle motocross racer Jeremy Lusk, a gold medalist at the 2008 X Games, died on February 11th whilst attempting a backflip at a competition in Costa Rica. Lusk failed the Hart Attack backflip, and slammed headfirst into the dirt. He suffered head and spinal cord injuries, and was put into a medicine-induced coma. Lusk died with his parents and his wife, Lauren, at his side. He was 24.

See the crash below. It’s disturbing.

Lusk had crashed before whilst performing the same trick at the 2007 X games but walked away unhurt. That prompted calls for an end to a so-called “blood sport” that makes injury and death almost inevitable. In contrast others said Lusk, like other stunt riders knew the risks but did it anyway, and died doing what he loved. What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

Read the full article (and 506 comments!) at Fanhouse.

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I incinerated your $731 million hotel – oops my bad

Beijing mandarin fire 1

I can’t even begin to imagine spending 731 million not-Zim dollars on something, nevermind watching the whole lot go up in smoke. Needless to say I would be more than a little upset if this had been my very nearly completed luxury hotel, and all I got for it was “sorry”. Sorry doesn’t fit in my pocket arseholes!

Apparently according to the Daily Mail, what happened to cause this towering inferno (punalicious 10 points for moi!) was that some illegal/unauthorised Lunar New Year celebratory fireworks set off by a Chinese television station in Beijing, sent showers of sparks in the Mandarin Oriental’s general direction, at which point the whole place went up in flames. Nice.

The shooting flames sent off huge plumes of black smoke and showered the ground with embers. A fireman died after inhaling toxic gases when fighting the fire, Xinhua news agency said. Seven people were injured, including six firefighters.

Crews had largely extinguished the larger flames about three hours after the fire began, although hotspots continued to flicker.

And things looked even more depressing in the harsh light of day.

beijing mandarin fire 2

Any ideas what the moral of this story might be? Go on don’t bashful – leave a comment.

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Strip Clubs Hazardous to Your Health

And I don’t mean the ass-whooping you’ll get from your wife/girlfriend/momma when you get home with body glitter all over your crotch.

Stripping can be dangerous for exotic dancers – pole burn, herniated disks, stripper’s knee are a few hazards they face. You’d hardly think the men who visit them were in any danger, but as it turns out, a first time visitor to the XTC strip club in Akron, Ohio is suing the management after being hit in the face by a dancer’s flying shoe! Yusuf Evans alleges the “hazardous” high kick was from a dancer called Tiara, and shoe in question was a 1970s-style platform heel.

Evan’s needed surgery to his nose and is now seeking USD 25,000 in damages from the dancer and her employers. Evans’ law suit claims the club allowed its dancers to wear “improper attire”, making it a “hazardous area”.

I hope Tiara makes it through this ordeal fine, she really needs the money to put herself through college.

In any case read the full story at Metro.