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Star Wars Brand Logos

In a world full of knock-offs, Kiwi illustrator Barn Bocock of How to Carve Roast Unicorn creates some clever Star Wars-themed brands that we’d certainly like to wear. Have a look at Bocock’s series of parodied logos after the jump.

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Creative Products Ads You May Not Have Seen

As seen in the previous post, there are some supremely creative people out there. As part of the unwashed not-so-creative masses, it’s inspiring to see the imaginative content that can be made. This holds true for advertising – I have become desensitized to it, and try to avoid all the bland, run-of-the-mill stuff. However, these incredible examples of product advertisements from deviantART that you might not have seen give you an idea on how creative advertising can be.

Tiger Beer Energy

Playstation 3

Nike Environment Protection

Nikon D300



Ecko unltd

See the full list of 55 incredible product advertisements at Presidia Creative. And let us know of any that you liked.