Mindlessness Video Clips

Michael Bay For Victoria’s Secret

I think it’s safe to say director Michael Bay’s penchant for blowing stuff up is unmatched, although Roland Emmerich did give it a good try in the disaster porn, 2012. Now, it seems lingerie company Victoria’s Secret need a little more oomph to their advertising campaign and tasked Bay to come up with a commercial.

In “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies.” Bay shows off all the things that has made him famous – explosions, helicopters, desert landscapes, and rock music. Oh, and there’s a bunch of leggy women in lingerie – I have no idea how they got there, but I think they did their own stunts. Have a look at it below or see it in HD goodness on YouTube.

Well, what was your favourite part? I’d have to say Marisa Miller on the pool table hit the spot, although I don’t think her shot was altogether legal, one leg does need to be grounded at all times.

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Arty Eating and Drinking

Iconic Photos: The Marlboro Man

Clarence Hailey Long, Jr (1910-1978) had a face sunburned to the color of saddle leather and obviously had his priorities straight, saying “If it weren’t for a good horse, a woman would be the sweetest thing in the world.”  A photo of the Texas cowboy in a 1949 issue of LIFE magazine served as inspiration for advertising executive Leo Burnett, who in 1954, conceived the supremely masculine “Marlboro Man”. More about the man and the campaign after the jump

Arty Inspirational Designs

Creative Products Ads You May Not Have Seen

As seen in the previous post, there are some supremely creative people out there. As part of the unwashed not-so-creative masses, it’s inspiring to see the imaginative content that can be made. This holds true for advertising – I have become desensitized to it, and try to avoid all the bland, run-of-the-mill stuff. However, these incredible examples of product advertisements from deviantART that you might not have seen give you an idea on how creative advertising can be.

Tiger Beer Energy

Playstation 3

Nike Environment Protection

Nikon D300



Ecko unltd

See the full list of 55 incredible product advertisements at Presidia Creative. And let us know of any that you liked.

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

A Deaf Girl Learns to Play the Violin

In this video from Thailand, a young deaf girls goes through a gamut of emotions and even physical pain in her quest to play the violin at a recital.

As a tale of the underdog, I thought it was very touching and my eyes went a little moist…until I go to the end of the video, whereupon I felt a bit cheated. See what I’m talking about below.

Let us know what you thought about it.

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Cautionary Tales

Adventures in Sexism: Vintage Volkswagen Ad

Sexism in advertising wasn’t such a troubling issue back in the day, especially in the 60s. In this gem from 1964, Volkswagen would have you know that whilst women can be soft and gentle, they tend to hit things. See the ad below – click to embiggen.

If she does have a prang in a Volkswagon, it won’t hurt you very much at all because VW parts are easily replaceable and cheap, like your wife. OK, so they didn’t add that last bit, but I’m surprised they didn’t go the extra mile and do that.

BONUS: See nine disturbingly misogynistic old print ads at Blog of Hilarity.

[via Buzzfeed | Image credit: malcontentdiary]

Cartoons & Comics Weirdness

Mickey Mouse Ungloved: The Horror, the HORROR!

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to think about what ghastly tortures a cow went through to become the juicy fillet sitting on my dinner plate. Ignorance is total bliss.

Equally, I’d prefer not to know who or what the person in the Mickey Mouse costume looks like. Disneyland Paris on the other hand disagrees and decided to unglove the lovable mascot in a bid to “humanize Mickey Mouse”.

Sweet baby Jesus! The hand only has four freaking fingers (alliteration, I knows it ;-)) – and stubby ones at that. What child is going to hold hands with a four-fingered monster? I think this ad has succeeded in offering a potentially human element to Mickey Mouse as much as Syphilis has done to improve your IQ.

What do you think?

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A Day in the Life Told in Logos

During a typical day we interact with countless brands. Many of us might not notice these interactions, but I certainly am made aware of them when I rock up to the traffic lights in my rattletrap hooptie and idle next to a Porsche Boxter. I wipe the tears off with my Woolworths tie, flip another Marlboro into my mouth, and get out of my car. I stroll over to the driver, casually knock on the window, and as it rolls down, I politely ask him/her for their Patek Philippe watch, Armani sunglasses, and Macbook lest I shoot them dead. Bravado turns to disappointment as they usually laugh and drive away, mentioning how funny and well-spoken vagrants are becoming these days. But I digress…

A woman named Jane decided to chronicle the interactions she has with different brands during a typical Friday from the time she got up to the time she went to bed. See it below.

What would your brand timeline look like? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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FormulaSexta: Formula 1 as You’ve Never Seen it…

… or likely to see until laser cannons come standard with Formula 1 cars. Now I’d pay good money to see that.

FormulaSexta is an ad campaign made by Kotoc Productions to promote Formula 1. Drawing inspiration from the pod race in Star Wars Episode I and elements of WipEout HD, they created a futuristic F1 race with cars that fitted the racing driver’s personalities.

To this premise we added the racing drivers’ personality with their cars. As a result of this, Alonso is a dolphin because of his intelligence, Hamilton is a shark because of his aggressiveness, Kimi is a swordfish and Massa is a hammerhead shark.

See the video below.

More clips at Kotoc’s Vimeo channel.

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Eating and Drinking Video Clips

Heineken’s Walk-in-Fridge Commercial

In this funny little ad for Heineken, a woman is taking her girlfriends on a tour of her new home, and shows off her fancy walk-in wardrobe. The girls erupt in joyous screams but are overshadowed the screams of glee from the men. Check it out.

And here’s a great spoof by Bavaria on Heineken’s Walk-in-Fridge commercial.

God bless competitive advertising which one did you like best? Drop us a comment.

Mindlessness Risqué Video Clips

The Hottest Cleavage Commercials

Sometimes we men are simple creatures and are easily amused aroused. Advertising agencies lose sight of that fact and tend to overload us with over-complicated ads featuring orchestral scores, dramatic cinematography, puzzling symbolism, and too many words. If you get down to the crass facts, the agencies don’t need big budgets and elaborate concepts…they just need to add cleavage.

At least that is what Manofest thinks as they break down the 10 hottest cleavage commercials of all time. Here are a few of them:

Nandos – For big breasts go to Nandos.

Heidi Klum – The 36-year old’s jiggly lingerie shifted many Guitar Hero units.

Nissan Pathfinder – It has independent suspension.

See more at Manofest [via Lolblips]