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Film Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland hit the screens back in 2010, and the film was successful and popular enough that the powers that be (i.e. Disney) deemed it worthy of making the sequel. The original film paid mostly lip service to the original Carroll, keeping the characters, mostly, but presenting a whole new plot with an older Alice, and all of it in typical crazy, topsy turvy Burton style. The new film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, pays about as much attention to the original story as the first one did, but this time Burton isn’t at the helm.  Does it affect the film any? Let’s find out.


Dazzling Eye Shadow Panoramas

You may remember Paige Thompson’s cute animal-ipsticks. Artist Katie Alves from Canada also paints her face but in a more dazzling fashion. Using her eyelids as the canvas, she paints a panorama that stretches from one eyelid to the other.

From glimpses of the Cheshire Cat to the road of yellow brick to carpets flying across the desert, Alves captures the essence of a variety of movies (mostly Disney). Have a look her eye shadow panoramas after the jump.

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The time has come, the reviewer said
To speak of many things:
Of knives and pots, and evil eyes
And creepy doll-faced beings.
Of hidden paths and sidequests,
And pig-snouts sporting wings.
All this and more, after the jump.

Arty Movies Music Video Clips

“Alice” by Fagottron

Created by Youtube user Fagottron, “Alice” is a song almost exclusively made using samples from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. It’s trippy.

Click Play or go to YouTube.