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Handymartian’s Alien Planets

Gainfully employed rats, philosophical robots, and harmonizing aliens. These are some of the inhabitants on the strange planets created by animator and illustrator, Andy Martin.

Martin started the project Handymartian’s Illustrated Aliens where he’d illustrate a new alien every day. After a month, Martin would create an animation of the planet on which his weird and wacky menagerie call home.

The first planet was created at the beginning of the year and five more colourful and kooky ones have sprung to life since then. Have a look at Martin’s animated Alien Planets after the jump.

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You Won’t Believe It’s Food Colouring

Seriously awesome. Designer Corey Holms uses household objects to create beautiful, otherworldly scenes. His photos are made primarily of food colouring, vegetable oil, and water. Have a look at some of them after the jump.