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Handymartian’s Alien Planets

Gainfully employed rats, philosophical robots, and harmonizing aliens. These are some of the inhabitants on the strange planets created by animator and illustrator, Andy Martin.

Martin started the project Handymartian’s Illustrated Aliens where he’d illustrate a new alien every day. After a month, Martin would create an animation of the planet on which his weird and wacky menagerie call home.

The first planet was created at the beginning of the year and five more colourful and kooky ones have sprung to life since then. Have a look at Martin’s animated Alien Planets after the jump.

Game Reviews

We Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror, Alien may have had a slow start but the sense of dread built up as every minute passed by. I found it foreboding, and terrifying in places. Seven years later, James Cameron’s sequel was much less scary but punchier in the action department. It was where most of the shooting took place. It so happens that shooting things makes good fodder for video games (Ed: Imagine that!), and Sega—with blessings from 20th Century Fox—tasked Gearbox Software (of Borderlands fame) with the fan service. A five-year development cycle later and Aliens: Colonial Marines was hatched. Is this the bug hunt you’ve been waiting for? Or is it a bad egg? My tour of duty continues after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured

Apocalypse Tomorrow: A Pin-up Calendar fit for a Cataclysm

Illustrator Andrew Tarusov imagines that our world that has undergone a cataclysmic event and has designed a sexy pin-up calendar as a pick-me-up for the hard times. Each month of the calendar features a different type of apocalypse and pretty lass suitably (un)dressed for the occasion.

Check out Apocalypse Tomorrow after the jump, be warned some months may be NSFW.

Game Reviews

We Review: Red Faction: Armageddon

Let’s get a few things straight as an arrow right off the bat. Any game that lets you use a giant hammer to crush your foes into so many tiny pieces, is alright by me. Any game that lets you—nay, requires you—to use a giant mech suit and assorted robots is all right by me. And Red Faction: Armageddon does all that and much more. It’s a riotous ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Find out why I looked past the bore and enjoyed the gore, after the jump.

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Attack The Block

In Battle: Los Angeles, when a hostile alien forces descended on L.A., it took the armed forces and a few gung ho individuals to repel the attackers. This scenario is all too familiar isn’t it? Hhave you wondered what would happen if aliens were to attack a place that the army wouldn’t give a shit about? Attack of The Block considers just that.

In a debut feature film Joe Cornish, an extraterrestrial force invades a council estate in South London and gets a “welcome” they weren’t expecting. Take a look at the hilarious trailer below.

Attack The Block was met with much acclaim at its premiere at SXSW and is currently scoring 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. And electronic music duo Basement Jaxx are writing the film score, have a listen the rather trippy bagpipe dubstep, “The End” below.

Attack The Block will see a UK release on May 13th, but there is no word whether it’ll make it down to South African shores.

[via DamonLindelof on Twitter]

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Get Away From Her, You 010000100100100101010100!

OK, you got me, you clever reader you. The title isn’t complete. It’s meant to be 0100001001001001010101000100001101001000 but what is a couple of ones and zeros between friends? Being that you’re so clever you have also deduced that the clip you are about to see mashes the climactic scene from Aliens together with the aesthetics of TRON. It’s as awesome as it sounds. Check it out below.

This mashup was created by VFX dude Benni Diez from Germany for an annual film marathon, the Butt-Numb-A-Thon hosted by Harry Knowles the founder of Ain’t it Cool News. It was picked as winning entry by Knowles earlier this week.

Have a look at some of the other TRON-ified entries after the jump.

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Neill Blomkamp Mystery Teaser

Awesome District 9 director Neill Blomkamp seems to have secreted a mysterious trailer into the latest iPad issue of Wired Magazine. We may not have an iPad but thankfully we have the Internet, and while the the teaser is not so secret anymore, the happenings in the clip are certainly inexplicable to us. In the 1-minute teaser, shaky handicam footage shows two lads coming upon a hideous dead alien creature that seems to have been discarded along the side of a dirt road. The thing has a stamp on it perhaps like a grading system one would use for edible meat. Check out the creepy teaser below.

Could this be the teaser to his latest film? We fokken hope so.

[via 10and5]


Invading The Vintage

The hills are alive with the sound of music extraterrestrials. Franco Brambilla, an Italian sci-fi artist, has created a series of vintage postcards where cute aliens are invading your grandpa’s postcards.

See more at Brambilla’s Invading The Vintage Flickr set.

[via BoingBoing]

Movies Video Clips

District 9: Extended Featurette

In case you missed our last post on District 9, here’s an extended featurette where the producer, director, and actors discuss the upcoming sci-fi flick.

District 9 will be invading South African shores on Friday, August 28th according to SterKinekor.

Arty Cautionary Tales Featured Movies Video Clips

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!

Created by Jake Armstrong as his thesis film at the School of Visual Arts, The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! is a brilliantly-told sci-fi-noir of a bounty hunter who seeks a monster that has become a plague to a tiny planet.

All is not as it seems though as the bounty hunter faces off against the terrible thing. I don’t want to give it away, so check it out below.

[via Drawn!]