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Jeff Victor’s Adorable Pop Culture Alphabet

Illustrated alphabets are here, there, everywhere. We love them, and so does freelance illustrator Jeff Victor.

In The Ultimate Pop Culture ABCs, Victor creates an A to Z of wonderfully cute icons from comics, novels, TV, and film. Check them out after the jump.

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U is for Uakari

We’ve seen some lovely themed alphabets in the past, including an A to Z of Japan, video games, Star Wars, and oddness.

With her alphabet, illustrator Casey Girard takes inspiration from nature and draws a series of wild animals that not only represent the letters of the alphabet but also are in the shape of them. Her drawings are playful, have a maternal look about them. Check out Girard’s endearing Animals in Alphabet series after the jump.

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Cute! The A to Z of Pop Culture Robots

In Alphabot, designer Tony Bui creates a cute A to Z of his favourite robots from various TV shows, games, and movies over the past 30 odd years.

There are nods to Star Wars, Transformers, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and RoboCop to mention a few. Have a look at Bui’s 26 mechanical marvels after the jump.

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Alphabet 2: A Delightful Spelling Video

A is for apple. B is for ball. And C is for creativity. This delightful video made by Italian design studio n9ve takes a new look at how the ABCs are spelled out, where each typographic character represents the meaning of that word.

[via Ufunk]

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The A to Z of Star Wars

If you liked Jess Bradley’s rather odd alphabet, you might enjoy this themed one too.

When illustrators Brandon Peat and his wife Emma were expecting their first child they needed to decorate their baby’s room. Playing to their strengths they decided to create an illustrated alphabet from a galaxy far, far away. They based in on the characters from a beloved space opera, Star Wars.

Have a look at their super-cute alphabet after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Adventures With “A”

So I have the (dis)pleasure of attending a Microsoft Word training course. Whilst my colleague and general misanthrope, Feeyyaad, was busy creating the world’s ugliest table, I pondered about strippers, calamari, and typography. The latter led me to the most awesome works of Cape Town illustrator, Brandt Botes.

From amputees to assholes, his “Adventures with A” series show the typographic adventures of the first letter. Check them out after the jump.


Going Against The Grain: Jaco Haasbroek Does Z to A

We’ve featured the work of South african artist Jaco Haasbroek earlier (in case you missed it, click here), and it seems he has started a new project – to illustrate movie characters whose names start with a letter of the alphabet. This is what he has posted to his Flickr account.

Word has it that Jaco is looking for some suggestions from joe public. If you can think of some memorable movie characters to use, let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can pass them onto him.

Update (December 9th): Ignore the above, the series is done and dusted. See them all on Jaco’s Facebook page.

And if you happen to like it, you can buy the prints – 250mm x 250mm, blockmounted, R250 excluding P&P. More on that here.

[via 10and5]