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Strange Spaceship Skeletons

If you liked Jason Freeny’s anatomical sculptures, chances are you’ll appreciate Josh Lane’s inner look at some pop culture vehicles.

The designer from Kansas City imagines what lies beneath the exteriors of fictional spaceships like the TARDIS with its bony chest and two hearts. Lane sketches similarly strange skeletal structures for Serenity, the NCC-1701, a Colonial Viper, and the Millennium Falcon. Have a look at them all after the jump.

Arty Cartoons & Comics

Cartoon Character Skeletons

South Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee (may have forgotten to pay his hosting fees) assumes the roles of an osteologist in his series of sculptures where he imagines what may lie beneath the skins of famous cartoon characters.

In Animatus, Lee uses a combination of real animal bones and synthetic ones to create anatomical structures of Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Goofy, Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote, and others. The skeletal remains of the characters are surprisingly easy to identify, have a look at them after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Science & Technology

Oh Look! The Vasculature of a Porcine Heart

Back in 2007, Flickr user Rob Jones took a photo of the wonderfully intricate mess of veins and capillaries in a porcine heart. With its four chambers and four valves, a pig’s heart is similar to a human one and blood flows through it in a similar way to a human’s.

The image show a porcine heart where the blood was replaced with a plastic substance, and when the tissues surrounding the heart was dissolved, all that remained was the detailed vascular system. Have a look at the full image after the jump.

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

In this infographic created for an Australia TV show, writer Scott Mitchell and designer Patrick Clair explains the inner-workings of the Stuxnet, a virus that burrowed its way into large industrial systems in mid-2010.

Unlike the garden-variety viruses, Stuxnet was believed to have been coded by people who had in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and had a range of abilities, one of which allowed it to turn up the pressure inside nuclear reactors. The virus used zero-day exploit, so called because the vulnerability is unknown to software developer.

Have a look at Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus below.

[via Fubiz]

Arty Awesomeness Weirdness

Human Anatomy in LEGO

Taking his name from the warning on the toy boxes, Flickr user Choking Hazards embarks on a bit of mad science. He had represented the anatomy of the human body in LEGO form, complete with a skeletal structure, organs, circulatory system, and even a pair of wee testicles. Have a look at his LEGO fan anatomy model after the jump.

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Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Vision

Nick Veasey isn’t a traditional photographer. In the same vein as microscopist Alan Jaras who uses a scanning electron microsope to create a story about exploration, Veasey also makes uses of medical equipment to produce some unconventional art.

Veasey left the world of standard photography behind when he was asked to X-ray a cola can for a television show. Since then he has created X-ray photographs of everyday objects from mp3 players, toys, and clothes to all manner of plant life and animals. His experimentation has led to view the innards of larger subjects like motor vehicles, an office building, and even to capture the anatomy of a Boeing 777!

Veasey uses industrial x-ray machines and in the case of the airplane, 500 individual films were processed and then joined together on the computer to create the composite shot. For his “human” subjects, he has the option of using skeletons in rubber suits or cadavers. He reportedly has eight hours in which to pose and photograph the cadaver before rigor mortis sets in. I don’t know about you, but I find that a little macabre. In any case, the results are amazing to see. This is what he has to say about his art:

My work is real. X-Ray is an honest process. It shows things for what they are, what they are made of. I love that. It balances all that glossy, superficial bollocks. I’m real and straightforward. And so is my work.

Have a look at some of this most fascinating x-ray photographs after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Weirdness

Internal Anatomy of Japanese Folk Monsters

According to Wikipedia, Yōkai is a broad terms for a class of monsters and supernatural beings in Japanese folklore. In the 1960s, a manga artist by the name of Shigeru Mizuki created the Yōkai Daizukai, an illustrated guide that takes a look inside the humorous or bizarre characters that inhabited the Japanese countryside.

Have a look at a few of the cutaway diagrams after the jump.

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The Anatomical Art Of Fernando Vincente

Like Valerio Carrubba, Spanish artist Fernando Vincente also creates macabre illustrations, albeit from a more mechanical perspective.

In his Vanitas series, Vincente combines anatomy and portraiture to capture the classic beauty of his subjects. Have a look at some images below – click to embiggen.

In the Anatomías collection, he dissects the inner-workings of a human being to reveal the machinery hidden underneath. See these images after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Chilling to The Bone: Exposed Anatomy Art

These disturbing paintings are by Valerio Carrubba. Hannibal Lecter approves ;)

Click to see bigger.

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