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Grab Your Tongs for the “Braaiday” Song

In a tribute to a South Africa institution, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues have created a song all about the merits of National Heritage Day Braai Day.

In a parody of Rebecca Black’s infamous Friday song, Watts and his hipster friends wax lyrical about the shopping for the right meat, applying the right amount of marinade, and the proper beverages to be consumed. An obligatory black rapper makes an appearance for no reason whatsoever and he likes his women like he does his steak — with meat on the bone.

Check out Braaiday below.

If you’d like the MP3, you can download it from this link.

[via +Demitri Baroutsos]

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The World Is Saved!

Gamers, whoever and wherever you are, should appreciate this. In a wonderful collaborative effort, IGN and Danny Wiessner (he wrote and performed the piece) created a song for fans of video games and captures the essence of gaming.

From empty stomachs, parched mouths, and the looming deadlines of work life, The World Is Saved takes a look at the trials that we face, the experience we gain after we have finally saved the day, and the memories that stay with us long after the GAME OVER screen.

[via Morne Olderwagen]

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People of Walmart: The Rap Anthem

If you missed it some time back, People of Walmart collects user-submitted photos of the cooky, bizarre, and sometimes disturbing menagerie of people that shop at the largest grocery retailer in the United States.

The site has become wildly popular, getting honourable mentions in Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, and CNN. It’s gone so viral that it now has its own rap song. Word? Word. From women who look good in pink to the best set of back tits, rapper JDirty introduces you to the people of Walmart. Enjoy but do note that some language in the video is NSFW.

I wonder if a local “People of Pick n’ Pay” would work? Probably not, when it comes to mentally deficient people with trouble dressing themselves, I think the U.S. has us beat.

[via Mashable]