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World’s Smallest Aquarium is Super Cute

Anatoly Konenko is a Russian artist who specializes in miniatures, so much so that he even has Guinness World Record to his name. In 1996, Konenko created a 30-page, 0.9 mm by 0.9 mm book complete with text (and illustrations!), and won the award for the world’s smallest printed book.

Carrying on the theme of microminiature as he has done for 30 years, Konenko has recently created the tiniest of aquariums. Measuring just 30mm wide, 24mm high, and 14 mm deep, the glass tank holds 10 ml of water, plants, stones, and teeny-weeny fish! He uses a itty-bitty net to place the little Zebrafish into their home, and he has even crafted a water purification filter to keep the habitat clean and healthy. You must see images of this adorable little aquarium after the jump.

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Urban Art: The Aquarium Phone Booth

How cool is this? Artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino transformed a mundane, unused telephone booth into a fantastic aquarium. The artists stated:

With the advent of the mobile telephone, telephone booths lie unused. We rediscover this glass cage transformed into an aquarium, full of exotically coloured fish; an invitation to escape and travel.

More images after the jump.

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The 2008 International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest

I have a dark secret. I sent a family of guppies to their grave as I poured the contents of my fish tank into the garden. It was not out of spite, or because I didn’t get the espresso straight, no chaser that I clearly ordered; I just got bored of the fish.

Boredom has no place at the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest, where aquascapers (apparently that’s a legitimate word) come together to compete in the largest planted aquarium aquascaping contest in the world. For most, it’s not about the money, rather the bragging rights and recognition for their pieces of “living art.”

Here are the top 3 winners from the 2008 contest. Click the images to see them bigger.

World Ranking 1 – Cheng Siu Wai, Honk Kong

World Ranking 2 – Yutaka Kanno, Japan

World Ranking 3 – Hsu Yung Lin, Taiwan

And spare a thought for A.J. Judy Prajintno Putra of Indonesia whose fantastic, super-wide aquascape only got 7th spot. I’d feel a bit cheated if I were him/her.

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