Arty Awesomeness

Too Cute to Compute

If you’re in need of a smile this Friday, look no further than the tiny, awfully cute robots created by artists By Jenn and Tony Bot. These miniature art toys stand 2.5 tall and are made from polymer clay, glass beads, and a whole lotta love. The Bots are adorable representations of popular characters from cartoons, popular TV show, and movies. Check out a small selection of them after the jump.


Oozing Coolness: Coarse Toys

German artist Mark Landwehr loves sculpture and when he decided to create 3D pieces out of his drawings, he didn’t even think about producing toys. Working in Honk Kong, he now runs the Coarse Toy company, making fantastic art toys. Some 12-25 inches tall, the toys are made out of vinyl, resin, and fabric, and come in packaging that is just as arty at the model itself. Have a look at some of them below.

See more at Coarse Toys.

[via Fubiz]