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We Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

The last Animal Crossing game, New Leaf (reviewed over here), put you in charge of running the whole town, and the game was a remarkable success, selling well over 7 million copies. The newest Animal Crossing game takes a vastly different strategy. Instead of putting you in charge of running the town, you’re now in charge of…interior design. I grab my wallpaper paste, decorator’s handbook, and keen eye for making sure the drapes match to bring you this review.

Arty Awesomeness Featured

You Won’t Believe it’s Nonpareils!

What looks like a low quality jpeg image contains a surprisingly high amount of nonpareils. 221,184 sprinkles to be exact.

Art student and Flickr user Joel Brochu glued hundreds and thousands of tiny candy sprinkles to a 4-inch by 1.5-inch board to create an image of a beagle getting a bath. He used jewellery tweezers to place the sprinkles of six different colours, and double-sided tape to ensure they stuck in place. Eight months later, and Brochu had a sweet recreation of a photo by Shingo Uchiyama.

Have a look at Brochu’s version of “be patient” beagle after the jump.