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Anime Ping Pong

It’s a common myth that all Asians know kung fu. Freddie Wong’s Kung Fooled certainly reminds us of that. This is also true for the game of table tennis, however when a friendly game between two Asians becomes heated, it quickly turns into a match of epic proportions. This is Ping Pong.

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Banksy Meets The Simpsons

In this clip, notorious U.K. grafitti artist Banksy makes an appearance in the hugely popular animated TV series, The Simpsons. For the opening title sequence for the third episode of the twenty-second (wow!) season, Banksy sprays his mark all over Springfield and it all ends with the couch gag that shows the audience what goes on behind-the-scenes to create and market The Simpsons. It’s controversial and dark, and altogether in typical Banksy style. Check it out below.

If you find that the suits at FOX have pulled the video, try here – hopefully all the Spanish words will flummox them. And click here to read a Q&A that the ArtsBeat Blog had with an executive producer on the show.

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