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The Bark Side

When I got married many years ago, I had a grand idea for my bride’s entrance. I imagined a pack of dogs — some small, others big — all dressed up in bowties, and in unison barking out the tune to the “Here comes the bride” march. My wife thought it sweet, albeit a bit silly. It never happened, but that didn’t mean that it was a bad idea.

Roll on 2012, and Volkswagen have created a super cute commercial with 12 dogs barking out the famed Star Wars Imperial March theme. An AT-AT walker appears in the video too, in an costume that looks similar to the one worn by our favourite AT-AT dog, Bones Mello. Check out The Bark Side below.

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This Dog is an AT-AT Walker

Judging from the look on his face, Bones Mello wishes his owner were locked up in a prison in a galaxy far, far away. The everso cute Italian Greyhound belongs to Katie Mello, a fabricator who decided dress her dog up as an imposing Imperial Walker from the Star Wars universe.

Have a look at some images of the fabrication process and final goofy result, after the jump.


Pimp my AT-AT

Reminiscent of Brandon Ortwein’s It Would Have Been Cooler As A Van series of illustrations, Glaswegian graphic designer, Seven_Hundred, is pimping the rides belonging to the Galactic Empire. In his latest series of mashups, he applies the paint-jobs of famous vehicles seen on TV, film, and video games to the behemoth AT-AT walkers. Have a look at some of his creations after the jump.

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This AT-AT is Adorable!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a great day, thanks for asking. I turned 25 for the 7th year in a row and it felt good. It’s Monday/Moanday/Glumday, I’m back in the office, and wishing I were somewhere else. After watching Patrick Boivin’s adorable short film about a playful AT-AT and a peek into its life as man’s best friend, I’d rather be at home playing with our puppies.

Check out AT-AT Day Afternoon below.

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