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We Review: Atari Vault

Atari was one of the biggest names in video games during the 2nd Generation of consoles, and helped contribute to the popularity of home-based consoles as a form of interactive entertainment. In fact, until the 3rd generation and the rise of Nintendo, Atari was the best-selling video game console of that era. Like many early consoles, development was easy and cheap, and often could be done by a single person, as opposed to the teams of up to 100 people needed for a single AAA development title today. Many of us old fogeys, myself included, whiled many hours away on Atari’s best-selling console, the Atari 2600, as well as played many popular Atari games in the video arcades. To fuel the current nostalgia going around, Code Mystics has brought us Atari Vault, a collection of 100 of the most popular first party Atari 2600 and Atari arcade games.

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Atari Arcade Brings New Life to Old Classics

I can just feel the joy of Atari fans going apoplectic. A pioneer in arcades games, Atari has recently revamped its website and added a new section with with a handful of their classic games for you to play (for free) in your web browser. And yes, they have included the beloved Asteroids and Lunar Lander. Along with each faithful recreation, a online leaderboard allows you to submit your scores.

The fun begins at Atari Arcade.

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Bonus: Another old favourite, Quake is also playable in your web browser.