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Attack The Block

In Battle: Los Angeles, when a hostile alien forces descended on L.A., it took the armed forces and a few gung ho individuals to repel the attackers. This scenario is all too familiar isn’t it? Hhave you wondered what would happen if aliens were to attack a place that the army wouldn’t give a shit about? Attack of The Block considers just that.

In a debut feature film Joe Cornish, an extraterrestrial force invades a council estate in South London and gets a “welcome” they weren’t expecting. Take a look at the hilarious trailer below.

Attack The Block was met with much acclaim at its premiere at SXSW and is currently scoring 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. And electronic music duo Basement Jaxx are writing the film score, have a listen the rather trippy bagpipe dubstep, “The End” below.

Attack The Block will see a UK release on May 13th, but there is no word whether it’ll make it down to South African shores.

[via DamonLindelof on Twitter]