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Donald Pettit on Taking Photos in Space

From the vantage of the ISS, we’ve seen some stellar views of Earth at night, striking star trails, and swirling auroras.

Astronaut Don Pettit has spent 370 days in space and is one of the principal photographers aboard the ISS. In a recent photo conference, Pettit gave an illuminating TED-style talk on how photos are captured from space. He talks about taking photographs both inside and outside the ISS, the limitations imposed by the environment, the different cameras that he uses, and the wonderful out-of-the-world scenes that he sees out of the seven windows of the cupola.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Video Clips

Out of This World!

If you thought Don Pettit’s star trail photos are out of this world, then you’re sure to appreciate this stellar effort.

A number of people have used NASA’s Image Science & Analysis Laboratory source of photos to create stunning time-lapse videos of the Earth as seen from the International Space Station. The latest video from photographer Knate Myers is no different. Myers adds a touch of Photoshop to enhance some of the NASA shots and uses the tune “Sunshine” by composer John Murphy. Have a look at View from the ISS at Night below.

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Arty Science & Technology Video Clips

The Stars

Another day, another time-lapse video. Not that we’re complaining of course. Vimeo user AJRCLIPS collects and edits the open source data from NASA’s Image Science & Analysis Laboratory to show the stars as viewed from different cameras placed aboard the International Space Station. As expected, the views are splendiferous.

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World in Motion: A Skyrim Time-Lapse

We’ve seen our fair share of time-lapse videos here at Onelargeprawn. We’ve been treated to the amazing vistas from the American southwest, bright city lights, majestic night sky panoramas, and even views of our world as seen from space.

The time-lapse video featured today has all wonderful shots that we’ve become accustomed to, but it is not of this earth. It is in fact set in the northern realms of Tamriel, a fictitious continent created by Bethesda Game Studios for the critically acclaimed action-RPG title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And in their latest epic video, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry takes a scenic trip through the snowy tundras, pine forests, and jagged mountains of Skyrim. There is even an aurora to be experienced along the way. Have a look at Skyrim: World in Motion below.

You can watch the video in high definition at Eurogamer.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Science & Technology Video Clips

Earth From Space, a Time-Lapse Compilation

Using NASA’s Image Science & Analysis Laboratory as a resource, Vimeo user Michael König compiled footage using photographs taken by the crew on board the International Space Station as the space craft orbited the earth. The video covers the period of August to October, and the shows the flyover over the main continents and a number of aurorae captured over the United States, the south of Australia, and the Indian Ocean.

If you missed all the separate videos (this, that, and the other), here’s a chance to catch König’s compilation that has been refurbished, smoothed, denoised, and deflickered for your viewing pleasure.

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Arty Science & Technology Video Clips

Auroras as Seen From Space

Earlier on this month, YouTube user yesterday2221 used 600 still photos from NASA’s Image Science and Analysis Laboratory and created a time-lapse video of the view from the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbits the Earth at night. If you missed that, refresh your memory.

YouTuber user, isoeph, has collected raw data from the same NASA source to create another time-lapse video, this time of the auroras as they would be as seen from the ISS in its low Earth orbit.

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