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No Glasses Needed To View These “3D” GIFs

How cool is this? By using a simple yet nifty visual effect, GIF creators are able to bring out eye-popping 3D qualities from 2D animated GIFs. Two vertical stripes are added to the GIF, and when a moving object blocks these lines, our brains are tricked into thinking that the object is coming out of the image.

Have a look at some of these wonderful “3D” GIFs after the jump.

Awesomeness Video Clips

People Are Awesome 2013

If there’s anything for making you feel well and decently inadequate, then it’s watching videos of people doing awesome things. Let’s get you feeling properly down by showing almost five minutes of loads of people doing amazing stuff, shall we? The video was uploaded by a band member of the group Hadouken, so naturally the it features a track of theirs as well, called “Levitate”. The music is awesome, the people are awesome, and they can all do things you can’t. Feel good, now?

[via Reddit]

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Blo0p’s Minimalist Superhero Posters

If you’ve recently visited Wallbase, you would have noticed the works of 21-year-old illustrator Andres Romero, or Blo0p as he is known on deviantART. What started out as a simple request from a friend has snowballed into a an extremely large body of work, and Romero’s set of minimalist superhero posters sits at a whopping 129 characters! See a few of those posters after the jump.

Entertainment Music Video Clips

A Cappella “Thong Song”

Matt Mullholland never fails to amuse. After raucous The Matrix lobby scene and the Back to the Future skateboard scene, the musician and comedian from New Zealand does his a cappella thing once more. This time, Mullholland creates a multi-track cover of Sisqo’s 2000 hit single, Thong Song.

[via The Awesomer]

Arty Entertainment Video Clips

Fun Times With Phantom Flex

Life could be far more interesting if it had a slow motion button, don’t you think? After being entertained by ashomsky’s compilation of skateboarding bails and fails shot at 1,000 frames per second, I wanted to see more.

The Phantom Flex is a high-speed camcorder that is able to shoot at 1080p videos at a whopping 2,570 frames per second. Some months back, cinematographer Tom Guilmette happened to find himself in possession of a Phantom Flex, and decided to experiment with it. From the comfort of his hotel room, Guilmette used the camera to film ordinary things such as jumping on a bed, opening and closing a tap, and smashing a light bulb. These may seem like banal tasks but are taken to a whole new level at 2,564 frames per second. Have a look at his slow-motion footage below.

Find two more slow-mo videos after the jump.

Awesomeness Movies Video Clips

Pew Pew! The Matrix Lobby Scene in A Capella

Matt Mulholland, a Kiwi creator of funny music videos (n shit), has taken the iconic lobby scene from The Matrix and has used his own voice to create a multi-track that replaces the original song and sound effects. It’s a cappella action at its most awesome. Check it out below.

[via Gizmodo]

Featured Game Reviews

We Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Konami has been making Castlevania games for 24 years now. They have legions of fans and followers. I was not one of them, you see when all the cool kids were cracking whips and kicking vampire ass on their NESs and SNESs, I was relegated to the pitiful Sega Master System. Our other reviewer TyrannicalDuck is far more interested in the franchise but sadly he was taken ill with the flu when this review copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow arrived. So I thought I’d give it a bash seeing as I’m now a cool adult and possess a console that is able to run the game.

Being a newcomer to the franchise I have no preconceived notions of what a Castlevania game should be, and having chatted to TyrannicalDuck it seems people are wondering how this can be called a Castlevania game when there isn’t a hint of free-roaming nor does perpetual antagonist Dracula show up as the end-of-game boss. Another thing, it’s not canon – this reboot by relatively unknown developer, MercurySteam, has nothing to do with the rest of the franchise. OK, fine. Instead of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow we could call it Gabriel “Lesley” Belmont: Melancholy Monster Slayer but it still won’t change the fact that it’s an absolutely fantastic game. So now, you know my feeling about it right off the whip. If that’s all the affirmation you need then feel free to stop reading here and hunt down the game at the nearest shop, but if you want to hear more about the innards of this entertaining action adventure title, then my review continues after the jump.

Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Mindlessness


Tattoos run the gamut from the utterly ridiculous, to fail territory, to the sublime. It’s the job of Toby at LOLTATZ to capture stupidly awesome tattoos for posterity. The captions are delightful too, have a look at some of them after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured TV Video Clips

Creative Opening Credits for LOST

The creation of messieurs Lindelof, Abrams, and Lieber will soon come to its end. Lost will conclude in its sixth season this year, with the 121st episode being aired on May 23rd. Some couldn’t careless whilst others will be mourning it like the death of a dear friend. Some of our readers gave their opinions in the Long Lost Tarots Cards post. However you feel about the show, it has become very much a part of popular culture, with a veritable army of devoted fans.

Aside from its title screen, Lost doesn’t feature any opening credits and it is these fans who pay tribute to their favourite show by creating alternate opening credit sequences. Have a look at some of their interpretations after the jump, beware they may contain spoilers.

Awesomeness Entertainment Featured

Terry Crews Adds Absurdity to Old Spice

Of late I’ve been loving the Old Spice ads. The Manmercials were hilariously funny and totally convinced me that men shouldn’t smell like sunsets and baby powder. A man on a horse told me that.

The latest ads for Old Spice’s new Odor Blocker body wash are equally funny, but with added absurdity care of muscle-bound actor Terry Crews (The Expendables, Everybody Hates Chris). Crews waxes lyrical about the product amid talking abdominals, building kicks, and Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-power!

Check out all the LOLworthy ads after the jump.