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Robbo-Banksy Feud Hits South African Shores

Another day, another “viral” video. I know precious little about graffiti but as any other illegal activity, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things. In 2009, when Banksy was had told another graffiti artist, Robbo, that he hadn’t heard of him, he received a swift klap and told that he would never forget his attacker. This reportedly resulted in Banksy taking a trip down to the Regent’s Canal and having his decorator clean up a Robbo tag that had been there for some 25 years. Robbo replied to the conversation by improving the Banksy piece.

This feud seems to have hit our shores and a bunch of local graffiti artists have opened up a South African chapter of Team Robbo to fight the good fight against Banksy. According to the video Team Robbo SA released a week ago, they planned a cunning ruse to cash in on Bansky’s Oscar-nominated stellar documentary/mockumentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. As comebacks go, it’s not particularly stinging but seeing as you’re here, you may as well watch it. Incidentally, I’m in the video playing the part of the unsuspecting movie watcher.

If you’re still interested, hit the jump to see the pieces that started this feud.

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Banksy Meets The Simpsons

In this clip, notorious U.K. grafitti artist Banksy makes an appearance in the hugely popular animated TV series, The Simpsons. For the opening title sequence for the third episode of the twenty-second (wow!) season, Banksy sprays his mark all over Springfield and it all ends with the couch gag that shows the audience what goes on behind-the-scenes to create and market The Simpsons. It’s controversial and dark, and altogether in typical Banksy style. Check it out below.

If you find that the suits at FOX have pulled the video, try here – hopefully all the Spanish words will flummox them. And click here to read a Q&A that the ArtsBeat Blog had with an executive producer on the show.

[via Boing Boing | Wezzo (Twitter)]

Link Loving

Link Loving – July 9, 2009

I know times are tough at work when I can only manage to do one post a day, and I think today is going to be one of those days. Pity me, but whilst I try to un-break the things I mashed up yesterday here are some cool links for you to look at.

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Photograffeur JR Puts His Stamp on Kenyan Slum

Considered the most exciting new “outsider” artist since Banksy, 25-year old Parisian JR is a hybrid photograffeur (which I assume is French for photographer + graffiti artist) who pastes massive black-and-white photographic canvases of eyes and noses and mouths in various urban environments.

His most recent project took him to Kibera, Kenya – on of the largest slums in Africa – where he and 10 unpaid assistants covered 2000 square meters of rooftops with photos of the eyes and faces of the local women. The material used is water resistant to protect the houses in the heavy rain season.

“They don’t understand art just for the love of art. it has to make sense. by helping their roofs to become rainproof, we did made sense and they loved it.”

Full article at Design Boom.


Graffiti Makeover by Dolk and Pøbel

With the government’s consent, two street artists by the names of Dolk and Pøbel, did their thing to abandoned warehouses and houses in Lofoten, a district of Nordland, Norway.

More images after the jump.

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Smart Art By Banksy

The incredible Banksy has done it again. He came to prominence in his home city of Bristol for spray-can murals that commented in a playful fashion on matters such as law and order, consumerism, and war. The British street artist, whose subversive graffiti art has been bought by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Dennis Hopper, has just opened a new installation entitled The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. It concentrates on the contradictory ways in which people see and use animals – for instance as food, pets, exotic beasts, and clothing.

In this work, entitled Chicken Nuggets, two bite-sized ready-to-eat pieces peck at a single-serving carton of tomato ketchup, watched over by their mother hen.

A second installation in the series shows what appears to be a leopard resting on a branch in a zoo enclosure, which turns out on closer inspection to be a fur coat. Another sees two fishfingers swimming gently around in a goldfish bowl.

Hit the jump for more images and a video.