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Helmet Cam Captures Base Jumper’s Terrifying Fall

Sometimes base jumping goes well. Daredevil Jeb Corliss recently leapt out a helicopter and flew through a fissure in a mountain at 160 KM/H (See the dagger jump).

Now in the category of “things done less well”, comes a clip from Vimeo user Subterminallyill. The chap jumped off a cliff near Moab, Utah and his helmet cam captured the frightening views as he came into contact with the immovable object. Mercifully the man cheated death but suffered a compression fracture, stitches to the eye and chin, severely sprained hands, and a bruised ego. Check out the Cliff Strike below.

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Experience Freedom

From the creators of cinematic sports experiences, Infinity List, comes Experience Freedom. It shows a bunch of skydivers and base jumpers doing what they love in scenic locales around the world. All we can do is watch in amazement and/or jealousy.

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Awesomeness Sports Weirdness

Extreme “Slopeflying” Antics in Stryn, Norway

This looks like an extremely dangerous high-flying sequence out of a video game. But clearly it is not, for the graphics are altogether too real.

Joachim “Jokke” Sommer, an extreme sportsman shot this exhilarating clip up in the picturesque mountains of Stryn, Norway. It’s called slopeflying and shows the wingsuited Sommer as he zips dangerously close to the mountainside at a rate of 200 km/h! INTENSE!

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Arty Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

I Believe I can Fly is a 40-minute documentary directed by indie filmmaker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset. The film follows two French adrenaline seekers Tancrede and Julien as they travel to lofty heights in the Norwegian fjords. The pair are there for a spot of rock climging, BASE jumping, and highlining, a form of tightrope walking that is done at vertigo-inducing heights. Highlining is often done without the use of a fall leash.

Montaz-Rosset follows their progress at the awe-inspiring location and what follows is an excerpt from his documentary.

I Believe I can Fly is to be made available for download at the very specific time of 11:00 on 11.11.11. Look out for it on Montaz-Rosset’s blog.

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Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

Flight of Fancy

What happens with you combine Hayduke Midlfinger Sr., a wingsuit, and a GoPro film camera? A flight of fancy in the French mountainside.

Find two more vertigo-inducing videos, Ground Effect and Adorable Kitten Sneezes, after the jump.

Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

The Art of Flight

The first day back at work is never pleasant, especially so when no one else in my department is in the office. And seeing the lyrics to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” still scrawled on the whiteboard reminds me that even the cleaning staff are yet to return from holiday. To pass the time, I cry into my coffee cup imagine I’m doing far more adventurous things and flying squirrels always come to my mind first. Check out this fine example of wingsuit base jumping by Phoenix Fly.

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Awesomeness Featured Science & Technology Video Clips

Red Bull Stratos: To the Edge of Space

If you watched the 10 best jumps ever compilation, you may have marvelled at Joseph Kittinger’s most amazing high altitude jump. Kittinger holds records for the highest parachute jump (31,300 m), longest freefall (4 minutes, 36 seconds), and fastest speed achieved by a human being through the atmosphere (988 km/h). 50 years on and a challenger enters.

Ace BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner has teamed up with Red Bull and the Kittinger himself in attempt to make history. The mission is called Red Bull Stratos and would have Baumgartner ascending to a height of 36,600 m above the earth and jumping off the gondola. His stratospheric freefall jump would then beat Kittinger’s record and would make Baumgartner first human to break the speed of sound with his own body.

Red Bull Stratos was announced in January of this year and the record-breaking attempt will take place between September 20th and December 31st. Check out this little clip as they prepare for their mission to the edge of space.

More info about the mission can be found at Red Bull Stratos.

[via The Awesomer]

Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

High Flyers: World Record BASE Jump off The Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai skyscraper under construction is Dubai, tops out at over 800 metres, making it the world’s tallest building. And back in May 2008, in the early hours of the morning, two men stole into the building (at the time it was 650m tall). They casually walked up t0 the 160th floors (it took them 75 minutes to do so) and flung themselves off the building. Robin Schmidt and Jan Bednarz were filmed the first men (Hervé Le Gallou and an unnamed British man) to perform a world record (and highly illegal) BASE jump off the Burj Dubai.

Here’s the video of their crazy feat.

Read the full story at Current – via Laughing Squid.

UPDATE: An official world record BASE jump was carried out in January 2010. Read that story at Word Records Academy.