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It’s all Smiles and Pantsula in the new Basement Jaxx Music Video

To shoot the music video for their upcoming single, electronic dance music duo Basement Jaxx and South African-born director Damian Weilers headed to Alex township. Visuals of motherly love and brotherly friendship accompany the catchy tune, and there’s some fancy footwork too. Check out pantsula dancers Donald Phasha and Envent Mdluli do their thing in What a Difference Your Love Makes.

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Attack The Block

In Battle: Los Angeles, when a hostile alien forces descended on L.A., it took the armed forces and a few gung ho individuals to repel the attackers. This scenario is all too familiar isn’t it? Hhave you wondered what would happen if aliens were to attack a place that the army wouldn’t give a shit about? Attack of The Block considers just that.

In a debut feature film Joe Cornish, an extraterrestrial force invades a council estate in South London and gets a “welcome” they weren’t expecting. Take a look at the hilarious trailer below.

Attack The Block was met with much acclaim at its premiere at SXSW and is currently scoring 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. And electronic music duo Basement Jaxx are writing the film score, have a listen the rather trippy bagpipe dubstep, “The End” below.

Attack The Block will see a UK release on May 13th, but there is no word whether it’ll make it down to South African shores.

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